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31-07 Batavia is the Winner of R23
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20-07 Endphase!
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15-07 The big breakup
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13-07 Twentythree!
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13-07 And you will know I am the Lord
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13-07 For all that is Unholy
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12-07 Whistling on a Sunday!
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09-07 Taking initiative
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09-07 Lack of Loyalty
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20-07 Endphase!
10:07:16 - 24-07
Anonymous at 21:27:22 on 23/07:
Diamante at 21:24:31 on 23/07:
Anonymous at 20:37:50 on 23/07:
gz to penta pact for win a big dick gj guys
i think those 3 tr fams should feel so lucky to even have participated in end phase considering their war performances throughout the version. it is still a mystery to me how can they even lose 2x more players than their enemies while they are shooting by at least 4 v 1 ratio in every war. truth be told, i have no other memory of such level of incompetence.

Great job by outsiders and gambino btw, respect . And batavia, well played.

Yes yes they pwned anarchy gmx and you very well. Hope you really learn smth from them.
Their united was a good lesson to all to be honest.
We had no bloods like them atleast this is my opinion xd
if u really think that Penta Ltd Maraz take down Anarchy ur totaly wrong, and if they ever fight Anarchy i doubt if they can even take down 40% of their playerbase.
20-07 Endphase!
13:46:57 - 23-07
Anonymous at 12:40:02 on 23/07:
Anonymous at 12:16:39 on 23/07:
Anonymous at 11:53:31 on 23/07:
Anonymous at 10:15:02 on 23/07:
Anonymous at 10:11:05 on 23/07:
Anonymous at 10:05:52 on 23/07:
Anonymous at 07:42:59 on 23/07:
Anonymous at 07:34:38 on 23/07:
What are those Bavaria idiots shooting at outsiders? Are they really that stupid?
You still need proof of their stupidity? Check the previous war reports

And who you think had to kill Outsiders? Penta/Marazz/TLD/Gambino? Batavia/Reg only ones capable of doing so, thus smart move. Retards.

Nah admins should have done there jobs.
Fucking retards everywhere al licking sibs balls. Are u reading this Righello.
Hes even in there app group.

Omerta is dead. People need to realize that fact. Admins allways have picked there side. The side that buys the most dc's.

idd +1

anyway we all need to thank those penta marazzino lastdance reganto bata etc to make this version really shitty and their game play is really shame i hope they all have hall of shame ;D
looser talk... this is said every version, no matter who wins, shitty version. All players are shitty (kttb included).
What Outsiders did last two days, turkish co and batavia didnt do the entire version.
Good version at the end :D
15-07 The big breakup
20:58:16 - 15-07
Nice stand Reganto :'')
27-06 Saturday Brawl
22:37:54 - 29-06
Anonymous at 22:12:45 on 29/06:
Anonymous at 22:01:56 on 29/06:
Grigoriy at 21:56:34 on 29/06:
Hipocrits! You are all hipocrits!
Unfortunately, if admins don't change the rules in the way they did on other versions, for what war concerns, we will continue to have shitty versions like this.
And no, I am not pissed because we lost. Those who continue to say that, stopped in 2012.
Ofc we prefer to win, and we do what we can, but losing is also part of the game.
Omerta shows how society is nowadays - all we care is the winning at all costs. We sell ourselves for the win; we humiliate ourselves for a place on those finishing families.
Families dont even bother to do ratios 2:1. They have to be 3:1/4:1/5:1... all that matter is reaching the end.
I wonder why those fams play a mafia game. The climax here is killing. Whats the fun of it if you win a version with 120k shot as we saw a few times already? Not only turks; for what portuguese concerns, we might even have worst examples (templari, burguesia)...
Game is shitty bcs of our mentality. Fams blood everyone just to sell everyone out. Everyone does it. We do it less. Even so, we are warriors and crazy, and i can understand the worries when we come to final stages. Lately even worst since only a few fams can finish.
Most of us are old. We have been here for 10 years, we are above 30 and some 40...and those who should be responsable to put some fun in the game, to create some joy, some fun, are the worst.
Ffs, life is a shit already, why do you want to put the game the same way?
Respect yourself, respect your members.
I respect more those fams that play alone and do their wars than this kind of gameplay; i know most of those have a easy job, attacking when a fam is empty its easier (hello krays) ,even though, its preferable that way than those gangbangs we see.
And then we have those fame like maraz, that i cant even qualify it...
Seriously niggahs, all we want in the end of the day is to have fun shooting ,showing our skill, union, cooperation as a family. Thats the meaning of being a family, not having a group of guys and use the numbers (sometimes from massrecruit), to suck some other families and survive to playsims.

We dont quit. We do not retire. We do not change fams name to have a new start over. We are what we are and we are happy with that.
I know our bad reputation will always follow us. That we are a fam easy to target and to put fams targeting us, because at some point, we fucked x or y fam. That even with a different name, those tops are the same we killed few rounds ago.
And then we have those that play 1 version and comeback 5 versions after.
Its easy to win that way. The QI of some omerta tops is too low, as it is their self-esteem, what makes things easier for those.

Unless admins implement the new war rules we wont be able to continue to play omerta.

Cheers to our brothers Imperium. Once again they showed that they are the only ones abble to match us.


Funny coming from a guy like you... respek

Mass cheating, mass pacting, selling bloods like they dont mean anything. Always the family with the most akills. Even now the usual suspects have 1m+ bullets shot (hi Mohome aka Darkdog that got akilled earlier) because the crew only cares about dc income at this point where despite the pandemic that brought some people back its still in a dying state. You brought back your old habits and it was a tough job for bulletless fams to kill you (you can thank the crew for that rather for blaming them because they are responsible for these insane bullet prices that only allow mass dupers and money buyers or rich people which you are not since you’re from a 3rd world country to be good at this game). Well congratu-fucking-lations but don’t post on here as if you’re the good shepherd and call everyone out on how the game should be played. By doing so you’re making yourself look even more like a laughing stock than you already are. You were a reason this game turned to shit back in the day.. or maybe not back in the day because it was bad already when you showed up but you certainly did nothing to make it better.
Hello Grigoriy, stop killing this guy he seem buthurted :'))
27-06 Saturday Brawl
12:18:33 - 27-06
This Machines are too hard for u brothers :'')