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General Comments & Major Rumors
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27-10 Unfinished business
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25-10 Another day, another war
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22-10 Lads, its a war
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19-10 Batavia → IBM
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17-10 Let's get ready to rumbleee!!!
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13-10 You can run, but you can't hide!
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03-10 The Detroit War
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01-10 First fams!
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23-09 Round 25 begins
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General Comments & Major Rumors
17:33:40 - 06-05
Me at 17:26:32 on 06/05:
Redvendetta at 17:20:59 on 06/05:
Me at 17:12:54 on 06/05:
Anonymous at 17:08:15 on 06/05:
Me at 16:59:31 on 06/05:
Anonymous at 16:55:30 on 06/05:
Me at 16:46:29 on 06/05:
Anonymous at 16:42:46 on 06/05:
Me at 16:40:41 on 06/05:
Anonymous at 16:34:19 on 06/05:
Me at 16:22:30 on 06/05:
It is my belief that the game died when lackeys were introduced. and since "scripting" is legal nowadays, nobody's interested on akilling dupes. Players are happy to rank fast and shoot 60k bullets easily and admins are happy profiting. win-win. For me, as the last completely manual player, the most fun part of the game, is while you're trying to gather a million for your first plane. The rebirth feature I liked. But still it's tragic to pay a machine to play a game that you should. If you don't like the game, just leave. If you like it, play it

There's more to the game than reading captcha codes and clicking. If manual ranking is the only thing keeping you playing, then I would suggest you really think hard about what enjoyment that gives you. There are elements of fun to be found in wars, planning, tactics, banter on irc and the general social aspect of the game - none of which require manual ranking to participate. Which is exactly why people are happy to let the lackeys take care of ranking while they enjoy the parts of the game which are actually fun, without having to waste their lives on the boring crap.

I can tell you for a fact however, that you are not the last completely manual player in the game.
If you believe the codes are crap, I'll answer that it's a way to keep players around. and I agree that wars are very interesting as well. but since I passed from irc in a major war lately, I can tell you that I counted 10 ppl in the war channel. what does this tells you?

That you were in an inactive family comprised mostly of dupes. You should consider moving on.
I laughed :D:D
any suggestions?
wait! don't tell me that a lackeys family is an active one
now, suggestions?

Ok, one family has 50 manual rankers, and 5 people who use IRC. Another family has 50 lackey users and 30 people who use IRC. if you think the first family is more active, you're delusional. Now, we both no there are no families with a considerable amount of manual rankers - but that does not mean there aren't families who are active on IRC and have fun playing together.

If manual ranking is all you're interested in, as you seem to be spouting in your gibberish, then it doesn't matter where you play really.
this is a game goofy. play it or leave it. scripts are not a good excuse under any circumstances. if you have a life, go there and leave the game. if you have work, go there and leave the game. if you want to play the game, play it as well as you can

So what you're saying is...the only people who should be playing are those with no life, no job, just full time Omerta? I do well balancing a career, family life and a bit of Omerta wherever I can - and I still manage to run respectable ingame families and build great accounts.

You're either a child, or a certifiable moron.
says the anonymous don of the anonymous fam? :D:D
I knew respectable high tier players in 2.1 who did the same without lackeys :D:D
go play skyrim if you can't play omerta. the active player base was the life force of this game. and now the game is dead. make facts from this too ;)
oh! moron

No, says me. If I must log in to give credibility to my argument, so be it. I manually ranked in 2.1 too, when I was in school and had no responsibilities. Times have changed, and as the game is not bringing in any new players, lackeys are the only thing allowing the older folk to keep playing at all. Without lackeys, this game would not exist right now. They're here to stay, they're keeping the game (somewhat) alive - deal with it, and move on.
I personaly have no problem with lackeys. it is just some ppl claim it is dead...
1) you do something wrong if you think that school boys have no responsibilities
2) have you ever thought on what target group this game originaly refered to?

Why don't you just move the fuck on. Coming back here and whining about this game isn't going to change a damn thing. Lackeys are here and most likely will never leave. I'm glad they even exist, or I wouldn't be playing right now. Simply cause of the huge amount of time manual ranking consumes. Don't hate on people who use lackeys. If you don't even play at all, don't bother coming here cause you're only making a fool of yourself. K thx bye. Fucktard.
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:29:15 - 27-03
Get an admin in here and delete your account. All I see you do is fucking whine. Get over it.
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:11:08 - 18-03
Grannqe` at 23:44:02 on 17/03:
Baraleaks at 20:40:21 on 17/03:
So, it seems we are at a point again where Omerta Game Ltd. cannot be bothered with fixing an exploit that is being used to generate huge amounts of ingame money. It has been reported weeks ago. We are talking about a bug in Poker (to keep it short, the bug allows for the win to be paid out multiple times) that has been around for a long time and just recently leaked to a bigger circle outside of Messina, where it came from. Messina is swapping ingame money generated with that exploit for real-life money.

Once again we see no other option than leaking this. It seems there is no other way to get the team's attention on important issues. Hopefully we will see a fix as fast as last time when we leaked the RP bug.

if this is true im sure that they weren't the only one using it, we know at least some fams for using bugs time to time :$:$

Hahaha you are such a loser. Stop crying cuz your little fam got crushed.
04-03 Aaand.. we're continuing
23:12:05 - 04-03
Bigpapa at 22:42:38 on 04/03:
Interesting Mcgee, why do you keep your spoons in the fridge?

You are a genius. :')
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:40:22 - 15-02
mmm at 10:47:52 on 15/02:
anarchy at 10:44:14 on 15/02:
sbanks at 10:35:07 on 15/02:
version looks pretty open to me?

it sure does.

the side that has the most rerankers wins and that is good news.

Which is exactly the way it should be