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03-03 Popcorn wins round 12!
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26-02 Popcorn → Lusa
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24-02 These Things Happen
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23-02 Ocarina tears
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20-02 Warriors vs Ottaviano
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19-02 Kurosawa → Cosanostra
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17-02 Harlem → Imperium
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16-02 Redemption war
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12-02 Redemption <-> Persico
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General Comments & Major Rumors
23:36:22 - 20-05
dark at 19:18:05 on 20/05:
Hi Gulden or Nakamura. Are you hired by Jackalaa or just wanted to play devils advocate?
:), Here my answers you can find below and even from this long story i see your pain :D

Oh god... Your seeing yourself so high and speaking like "I don't know who you are and I don't give a shit about you. I know your boss (bora) cyp..." makes me cry, seriously... After all these years, you are still talking like a kid at his 18.

I know Bora for long time and i wrote his name because that he was the man who i respect. He did know what respect is and show people even if he doesnt like others way of playing. He had a character.
Talkin like a 18 years old? Did not get this but you know i do not like speaking.
Btw jackalaa tried to speak like he created the world of omerta not me. :D Check your facts before you start to speak. Because as u said you know me very well, i can not take it.

Second part of your long story; i am not there to humiliate Kerberos or any of you but you see what you wanted to see. I said YOU means literally "him" who was the lucky crew who has been invited by you to Kerberos. Unluckily you could not even take care of your own crew and put a lucky one in front of the real one. You got my fucking point. I still believe you had good crews and even if i do not like lavigne he is one of them and i also like SAGO :) who is our ANARCHY crew and so do BARBIE.
At least lavigne wouldnt write as Anonymous in here and sago, god damn it even you are a nicer crew if u are nakamura.

About marazzino thing, i never be the guy who followed. I never had a cnwr problem because he was my real life friend till they put my words into my mouth. Then i left there because they prefer to be unhonored way of playing and changed the side in war.

Sadly you as Kerberos have Anarchy people and Gravano people so if i make the family you will get 20 person against 400 around. It will not be good opputunity for you to win. If you still want to challange us just send me whatsapp we will be there. No problem.

If you read carefully by lucky crew you would understand the words were not about u but the man who thinks he is oldest and strongest one in omerta world. Sorry but there is a little irony in here. He states he started game 2003 and everybody needs to know him while he achieved nothing in his omerta life.

So if u think nothing has changed in my life. Many things did. I am not useing drugs anymore so i can think properly. I know why u wrote here those sentences as well. Ah and speaking in english doesnt give you coulture or education. I still can be bad about it but it doesnt show that you are the biggest and smooth gentleman in omerta world. It just show ur own arrogance which you want to hide but failed hardly with those long story. Still it shows that u have pain in ur somewhere.

Next time, when you trying to analyze people try to be neutral. Here you only attack on me but you did not even see your own lucky crew is the one who is trying to be arrogant. Ah i am well known hothead person and i do not give a shit about it.

At least i write with my name and do not hide as anonymous. And i am not playing the lawyer while defending the wrong one with wrong projudges.

And last part i am the bad one why people doesnt like ur own crew who u put in ur fucking family. I can show u many people that points he is the one they hate :P wanna know i am here to help...

And if u got any problem you know where to find me. Btw i already speak with my psychologist and he told me being honest is better than being coward and hypocrate, two faced people who see everything from their own eyes and blame people by their own perspective.

Ciao ciao o/

sorry I didn't read this long post, or any other long posts either. I am quite flattered actually that you thought it was me hitting hard on you. But nope bro, I don't have time to deal with your shit.

Side note: Don't take this game too seriously man. Go out and try enjoying life. It is almost summer after all.
General Comments & Major Rumors
22:21:28 - 23-04
Anonymous at 04:33:24 on 23/04:
Welcome to the newest version of "Blood all the families" presented by Kerberos.
Do you even know the history of Kerberos? Check out some war stories from 10 years ago.
02-08 OBN Contract Killer Cup?!
16:10:06 - 06-08
Kyra at 00:34:38 on 05/08:
Anonymous at 22:42:15 on 04/08:

Wuahahahaa some one is mad??


I dont see any turkish reporters you racist fucks.. Atleast accept the fact you hate turks like sbanks just did.. And dont say we obn reporters are from everywhere..

Dogs of pact o//

The fact that we have no Turkish mods... well lets be honest, most of you can barely talk English. And that's kind of a requirement for a mod *rolls eyes*
Doubt sbanks would say no to someone, when reporters needed, because he is Turkish. He does indeed say no to people who can't write in English.

And about sides, red smul impact always seem on different sides to me. So ye, we cover almost all sides. You really can't say OBN as a site has a "side". Wonder what the pact is nowadays, so i know who I'm cheering for \o/

The idea for the damn contest was given as an alternative to a boring game. You don't like it, fine, vote no and get over it

OBN had a lot of turkish reporters back in past, one including me. But yeah turkish fellows, you gotta learn english before coming here to post stuff.

ps: write in english and wait someone who doesnt know any bit of english to understand you.. irony itself :-)
15-07 Regcleaner?
19:56:41 - 15-07
YouTube video
General Comments & Major Rumors
14:23:34 - 08-10
Anonymous at 12:05:21 on 08/10:
Anonymous at 12:01:50 on 08/10:
dear Xzone, Venture, Caliente, Trafficante
kill Andalusia, Tempestuoso, Complexio
and win the version.

gambino + levi + tempestuaso is another group that will sure try to win it. so not that easy.
lol winning?
wake up will you