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22-05 Kerberossa - V5.5 Version winner!
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16-05 Wrap Up!
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16-05 Stracci -VS- Colony
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14-05 CA-GO Morra Dispute!
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13-05 Clean-up on aisle 4!
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12-05 Stab denied
Comments: 103 - Views: 3,903 - Votes: 3
09-05 Cleaning out the garage
Comments: 13 - Views: 1,075 - Votes: 2
08-05 Viddani under fire!
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07-05 Hour of Deathly Hallows!
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04-02 On the Throat of Liberty
23:45:19 - 04-02
H`HMD at 22:51:55 on 04/02:
Anonymous at 22:48:14 on 04/02:
H`HMD at 22:43:19 on 04/02:
Since this article is a massive clusterfuck, here's a timeline of today's events
(information according to the article)


Updated @ 22.42 OT
Liberta ─░mperium with ?:)

No idea i just scrolled through the article and tried to summarize it

Thank you so much hhmd. I appreciate the effort on the war report, but seriously, too much bs in the middle
General Comments & Major Rumors
06:12:49 - 11-01
Layzee at 16:46:14 on 10/01:
Hil McGee you crazy fuck ! Make beyound worth Reading and lets get good War reportage again. For players who dont play active But wanna keep up beyond is great. You Got my vote McGee becourse i know you Will do a good job ;D
Same here, go for it McGee! X looking forward to read your stuff!
General Comments & Major Rumors
02:07:24 - 29-12
Mickgee aka mcgee at 01:39:43 on 29/12:
Hey look Ma I made a new family at end of version and now Im as1 with Horde, what do I do now ma?
Anonymous at 23:44:39 on 28/12:
Mickgee aka mcgee at 15:49:01 on 28/12:
Anonymous at 02:56:11 on 28/12:
You bought the witness statement which says that Keva killed Mcgee

Confusion GF <-> brug hoogvliet

Rip dude _o_

Im pretty honored considering Im a nobody in this game without friends, I only went in irc for ten minutes the whole version. I did notice I died real quick long before multiple allied gfs/cds were shot. I dont even know Keva or who the fuck he is until now, hope they didnt think I was a secret boss like I used to be In Provenzano years ago, because Im not worth rat feces in this game anymore (obviously look at the gameplay and whos pacting).

Yeah so thanks for seeing me as a threat, I guess people know what I was capable of doing years ago but that was in the past and I dont live there, the nostalgic stuff... Your dick will fall off and youll be more sterile then apple pie. so yeah got shot by confusion fam, hope they win the version they deserve it by icing me so fast, wise move I was closing in on 300k bullets!

Or you can call me Steve

Donno if u r giving me a bad point or a good point on this.. but we know each others from old days :) u r not a threat neither was Galante accounts (tbh half of them were looow online with no raceform - so not much bullets) but war = war no matter what, that's our concept in the game and btw i still have good connections with the old Provenzano ppl as they were my loyal bloods for enough years... anyway RIP Mcgee and hope to see u around

I was just surprised you shot me so early with a godfather account I didnt see that one coming. I understand the war theory, was just fishing to make sure I was just an easy kill for a godfather and there was no misunderstaning that Im an active player making plans.
Well have fun Ill cheer for the people who actually killed one of my better accounts, hey it all reminds me of a mafia movie, killed by "confusion", works great for I got my roleplaying joy.
Cya later dude

Bro, no matter what, you will always be my #1 <3
Rip by the way :(
21-09 Admins showing no Mercy
11:45:58 - 23-09
Tony-E at 03:48:19 on 23/09:
bANJO at 00:56:01 on 23/09:
Good Luck with the lawyer, It has worked so well in the past for all the other innocent cheats.
I don't know if anybody that tried it before.
I do not care also if it's gonna work or not. Since i know what i did. i will give it a shot.
I'm not planning to be fooled by some admins.

you shouldn't even bother. when you create an account you have to agree with being akilled with or without given proof.


You may not:
(1) Register more than one active account per person.
(10) Appointed in game crewmembers may delete, inactivate or downgrade your account without recourse to complaint by yourself and excluding any duty to justify such actions.

So basically you signed up a contract where it gives them the power to do whatever to your account. That's what your lawyer will tell you.
You spent that money because you wanted to. My advice to you, stop worrying and investing so much in a useless game that's been dead for years.
21-04 War ?! Again?!
09:12:46 - 22-04
have to give it to Lusa, well played.
On the other hand, Aeterna should have known better, no idea why the wait especially after Lusa taking down Colossal.