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General Comments & Major Rumors
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21-02 Minions War!
Comments: 54 - Views: 2,709 - Votes: 2
19-02 What's Up? Horde Next?
Comments: 16 - Views: 1,818 - Votes: 1
18-02 Motisi has been hit!
Comments: 60 - Views: 2,500 - Votes: 1
17-02 Recent Events - Krays!
Comments: 25 - Views: 889 - Votes: 1
14-02 It's WAR!
Comments: 96 - Views: 3,412 - Votes: 1
Comments: 26 - Views: 2,719 - Votes: 1
09-02 The Doomsday - AFTERMATH!
Comments: 12 - Views: 1,324 - Votes: 1
Comments: 158 - Views: 8,670 - Votes: 3
04-02 Hunt is On!
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Last activity: 03:52:58 on 17-02-2018 (8d 5h 26m 51s ago)
Country: Australia Australia
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14-02 It's WAR!
17:37:53 - 15-02
Anonymous at 15:02:28 on 15/02:
Anonymous at 14:55:31 on 15/02:
Anonymous at 13:59:55 on 15/02:
Anonymous at 10:24:22 on 15/02:
Anonymous at 09:07:42 on 15/02:
What about first war? Viddani just watch :) And keep saying "ohh we cant counter alone. Have you more blood??"

Viddani shot at first war for bulletfactory..

Ye Delpiero. You should have licked Aeterna like the rest of inbreds!
You people are moronic. Now watch Aeterna clean you all one by one.
At least Penta and Mirage had the balls to shoot at Aeterna and try to make a difference.

Lol please stop talking about aeterna you sucked horde so much and decided to close the version while horde #1 pentagram #2 Mirage #3.. but aeterna fucked your miserable alliance in a couple of hours..

When people are sucking your huge alliances you are happy, but when someone outplays you, you become unhappy :)


Alliance ? Horde didnt help for mirage and pentagram , at least not the way they were supposed to ... so basiclly it was mirage and pentagram vs i dont know 10 fams ALLIANCE/PACT with aeterna at top of it. Also i wouldnt call this war a fail at all, aet lost most of the brugs and prolly would be down if people lile izi and some others didnt go to sh for countless hours and in same time they dogs didnt counter.

Yes im mirage soldier and our purpose in this war wasnt to close it.... seriously 2 fams could do it at that particulare time?! Our main goal was to shoot fown aeterna who blooded everyone exepct mirage and pentagram.

Anyway im curious about motisi, viddani and few more fams future. Do u guys feel coming storm ?!

BONUS ! Motisi was in our plans to shoot aeterna , sps was so fired up to shoot leviticus but as we all know motisi whore attitutide, everything is going good until they need to pick up the tommy and shoot so motisi decided to quit this war and make bloods with... aeterna.

I keep wonder why u even make own fam ? Wouldnt be better to merge with ur masters? I could add few more fams who are so dumb and blind like motisi

And your ingame/nick is?

Anonymous like u mate :D

Nah, was too lazy to log in tbh, was only here to laugh at the usual dickheads making blowhard statements, as per usual, anonymously ...

But anyways 'mate', introductions are outta the way, so, ingame/nick??
General Comments & Major Rumors
22:39:38 - 25-12
Anonymous at 20:02:24 on 25/12:
So at 19:58:46 on 25/12:
Anonymous at 19:48:30 on 25/12:
Kapow at 19:37:59 on 25/12:
Anonymous at 19:33:12 on 25/12:
Santa doesn’t visit arabs and eastern european low lifes who cheat and blood the whole game.
Only your whore ass mother does =p
!wins a christmas tree
сука блять


I actually lol'd :')

ty o//

No problem my brothers lold at the popsicle picture. Thanks for not beating me with the bat for image thieving.
Merry Christophermas

I'll have a mcguess, gee, lemme see :')

General Comments & Major Rumors
19:58:46 - 25-12
Anonymous at 19:48:30 on 25/12:
Kapow at 19:37:59 on 25/12:
Anonymous at 19:33:12 on 25/12:
Santa doesn’t visit arabs and eastern european low lifes who cheat and blood the whole game.
Only your whore ass mother does =p
!wins a christmas tree
сука блять


I actually lol'd :')

ty o//
13-12 Battle for the Iron Throne
01:23:12 - 18-12
Anonymous at 10:55:20 on 17/12:
Anonymous at 09:01:41 on 17/12:
Anonymous at 06:55:07 on 17/12:
dark at 22:23:54 on 16/12:
Anonymous at 10:58:14 on 16/12:
dark at 07:37:34 on 16/12:
Well in few years everything changed almost. Game has changed. (lil bit milestones, villa shits.)
Admins have changed.
People has changed.
Fam names changed.
One and only thing is never changed that is Crying Solstice.... I love to see that drama queen around. Be here Solstice. I am big fan of u. Will continue to watch you amk. I am curious how long it will take.

Despot amk u. Dont try to convert Turkish phrase to English. I was doing it as well.
But if you still want to do it. Instead of phrases that tell em "fuck ur streets" or "fuck your adjective."
They were more fun.

Db. Still Despit alive. U guys cant even kill an account? Do you?

Despot cried 2 and thats why he was revive by admins ... pathetic but not or the first time otherwise he wouldnt be where he is now.
Btw congratulations for making 1 of the biggest or even the biggest pact as far as i remember (as % of players base). U guys cant even play without this huge support? Do you?

Dude i am not even playing. Besides that :D who the fuck you are? 3. You are new it seems because u do not know most of time we were against the odds. 4. If you got any questions about anarchy i would answer but since we are not up i do not even care what you think about the pact winterhill did. 5. If you be a good boi Santa will give you that power to make a pact which you jealous about them at the moment.

Playing since 2.3 and meanwhile played and worked woth few of winterhill tops so i know a bit. Dont act like everyone else besides winterhill fags doesnt know a shit etc. Also who care about past, im talking about present version which is a joke . Afterall fams like motisi penta and gravano crew are the biggest joke here since they cant play on they own . I get used to fact that some fams like difference and few more cant play on they own and need to have a master who show the direction and give orders....so.dear puppets of omerta how it feels to be a prostitute?

Gravano isn’t a joke, the prince of darkness appears as the friendly child on the corner trying to be everyone’s friend, like a fake fucking clown, look what sammy gravano did to the crime world real life, I can respect gravanos for this gameplay complete command super fast version ending, they did this when there was more people playing and there pact play was more compatible because of it. Can’t break nostalgic ties, Im drunk and its 4am why do I story tell here no ideas. Ps: the more siberia gets teased here the more likely they are gonna make things worse on enemies ingame to much spite from tops here, these are very relentless people, i know these kind of peoples, they make lego minifigures of them to, scary ones

Tibz its just me Mcgee, was it Tibz i was talking to in recent times it wasnt So that was in oc, hey they unbanned me here, am I right? Wrong? Should I call The Donald? Make another hill to close the version and make the brokeback mountain range? Merry christmas * stops by for egg nog
shut up clown

Ahhh mr anonymous, the obn lame flamers #1 refuge of choice :')

So 4 or 5 of us rank in other fams, who doesn't? Stop hiding on here, flaming away like you or your comments matter, come outta that closet, and go do something worthwhile, show your nick, otherwise, shut ur pie hole, and go throw a mouse or smt k :^
17-09 Sunday Bloody Sunday!
02:10:06 - 20-09
Anonymous at 00:58:45 on 20/09:
Anonymous at 20:22:29 on 19/09:
Anonymous at 18:58:42 on 19/09:
Anonymous at 15:59:13 on 19/09:
Anonymous at 11:11:32 on 19/09:
Anonymous at 06:19:50 on 19/09:
So at 23:56:26 on 18/09:
Anonymous at 23:45:08 on 18/09:
So at 23:28:39 on 18/09:
Anonymous at 18:53:46 on 18/09:
hill billy at 12:06:09 on 18/09:
Anonymous at 06:40:58 on 18/09:
Anonymous at 06:00:45 on 18/09:
horizon is joke family of the version :D

Can you explain the joke to me, it went over my head

If you have to explain the joke, it is no longer funny...I think
they had chance to shoot leviticus pact before but they didnt, even they shot gambino who will be not powerfull enemy for them. Wrong choices they made that is why he says joke i guess.

more like they killed dupes for kill stones, but anyways lol, Horizon just now, Monte/Balance bla bla bla before, and Siberia Bratva Gaybino & Horde etc and co, whoever, wherever and whenever, did their best, in their usual lame assed <insert dis-honourable act here> ways, were simply outplayed every time by levi/aet/assa, say what you want obn flamers and fucktards, simple truth ;)


go get some lotion from the bucket and dab some on ur ringholes k, we knocked some ponies at the abbotoir, PLENTY to go around ;)

the ol' hu-mil-ity ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be ... :')

you personally didn't outplay shit mate, just went along for the ride... but well

Socius & Bokeh, I did plenty, ur ing's were?

the awkward moment when u think u were relevant with, what in any other version would be, 2 mediocre accs... holy shit.

(and yes, for the amount of time socius was alive it was mediocre. bokeh was a rebirth with milestones.)

u rly are delusional.

both were top 10 at death

when every single other acc, was dead.

even lackey accs were top20.. relax.

so for my schools newspaper article im writing. How does one become an account of note if top 10-20 means nothing.

when havoc died socious was an account of note who she killed, weird the same people are now saynig he isn't anymore...

meanwhile, havoc was a rebirth, socius was not. its not rocket science buddy.

so you can only be a good account if you are a rebirth ? socious didn't have a 40+ regime and a whole families resources at his disposal unlike some.

lol spastiche & co are at it again ... wehehehe :')

might wanna book an appt with a proctologist, ur about to get an anal re-sleeve :D

'the awkward moment when u think u were relevant with, what in any other version would be, 2 mediocre accs... holy shit.'


I completed the final v4 with 1 acct from start to finish, even resetfun, and closed the version #1 for everything except Rank, and had 12kills at the end of the version, 74 kills when the version closed ;)


your ing's were? did I kill you?? :')


but I digress :D

'when havoc died socious was an account of note who she killed, weird the same people are now saynig he isn't anymore...'

wrong again, Eliza was too scared to try me 1 vs 1, she got 6 brugs to empty me first :')

You've been shot! System System 31-Aug @ 16:16:16
You've been shot! System System 31-Aug @ 16:15:41
You've been shot! System System 31-Aug @ 16:15:25
You've been shot! System System 31-Aug @ 16:15:17
You've been shot! System System 31-Aug @ 16:15:06
You've been shot! System System 31-Aug @ 16:14:56

and even then she failed, who said Havoc killed me? I survived her AND Abraham easily ;)

the awkward moment when you eat your words fucktard's .|.

I've never said I'm anything great, I'm a slow assed manual ranker, but I've been around the playground, I've finished top10 the last few versions that I've played, ask anyone that I've soldiered or crewed for, just coz I don't bang on about it like the obn 'wannabe' fan club here lol, I only got serious last year anyways, finally stayed out of prison long enough in rl to make a decent acct if you MUST know, ask any grav/levi/imp tops & crew, like I said, the ppl that matter know the truth, the one's that don't, don't matter, as if I give a rat's ass what any of you tryhard gronks wanna cry about on here, if you wanna make urselves look stoopid on here, be my guest, but wipe ur chins k, shit got messy and u've all got bullshit from asshole to breakfast :^

any further comments will be ignored, seriously, u guys couldn't crack a smile in a kindergarten with a handful of Chuppa Chupp's, not doubt some 12yr old finds ur comments soothing as he smashes his keyboard ... and no doubt there'll be more crying, but I've said my piece, I'd only end up booking a ticket and coming over to ur's and headbutting you plastic gangsta's ... trust me, u'd be on the ground on ur back doin 'them ones' with ur front teeth in ur bishs' hand while she goes she goes 'WTF?' and the clown that WAS bridging up with you is hiding behind ur gf and dialling 555-OMG-I-SHITMYPANTS ;)

and lol :D

User: Eliza / / / (Add to your friends list)
Rank: Empty-suit
Honour points: 70 (Click here to send some honor points)
Status Alive | Last on: 19:54:02 25/07 OT (56d 5h 51m ago)

nah you don't create multiple accts, or 'dupes' as you 'pros' call them :')

why'd you have to go there and attack my credibility?? I never said shit bout chu all till the 'abilities' of some ppl on here got confused with their 'ambitions'... but ah wells, like I sez, the ol' hu-mil-ity ain't what she used to be :/

IT'S A GAME pepplz :^

bunch of 2 buck hoes and no luck foes :')

oh and just so there's no confusion ...

Ornstein was at home taking a little nap as you pulled up outside their house...
You kick a table over and keep your head down below it as pulls out a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum and pulls the trigger...
Ornstein died from the wounds you have inflicted. He's swimming with the fishes now.
Your enemy did not try to strike back.
Siberia no longer exists after you killed their last don.
43 people are now famless.
Local Mob took over 1 of their businesses.

Chief don ye bla bla bla, Ciavano WAS the last brug don, but v5 v1 Siberia DIDN'T end with Ciavano ... get it right in the reports at least k ;)


last reply on this or any other threads mk o/