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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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31-10 Goodbye money?
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 3,527
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.1
Involved families:
Again there is some mysterious message on barafranca. Last time you lost rankprogress when you opened the message. This time it is Dough, Moolah, Rhino, Spondulicks, Cash, Bucks, Greenbacks or just simple Money!

Not also your money gets robbed away, also the language ingame gets changed and maybe even more? please change your password if you opened the message anyway

Seems that every account who got infected automaticly sents a message to Brando. Message: "YouAreAClownd"

Please don't open messages from strangers, it seems tops & objectholders are massively being spammed by dupes to let them lose money

An example: as title they use "Important"

Important Grumpich Personal 31-Oct @ 19:58:37

As you can see on this graph, the money is rather dissapearing quickly:

Update by Drunkengamer:
Right, I have been working on this solidly for many hours now already and still have a lot to do, so you will have to excuse my shortness.

As it currently stands:

There WILL NOT be a roll-back.

Hugo (Sysop) is currently creating & running some complex scripts to work out from our server logs exactly who lost money as a result of the issues last night. These logs as I'm sure you will imagine are huge and as already stated the script is complex - so it is still going to take a while for this part of the process to be completed. (Were estimating 7pm OT - but this is a very rough estimate)

After we have the required information, I will then convert this into the needed queries to give everyone back their money - depending on exactly how many people were involved this could either be done in seconds or take a while, we just don't know yet

However this means that everyone affected should have their money refunded before the evening is out, and it will automatically appear in your pocket.

19:21 [Economy] Money total: -$92,345,961 to $44,619,215,608
19:28 [Economy] Money total: -$90,139,149 to $44,529,076,459
19:34 [Economy] Money total: -$38,059,422 to $44,491,017,037
19:38 [Economy] Money total: -$47,004,336 to $44,444,012,701
IRC log:

(21:37:33) <+Kyra> Xerano[Around] that msg again?
(21:37:45) <&Xerano[Around]> something similar
(21:37:50) <&Xerano[Around]> money instead of 6168718676rp this time
(21:37:51) <&Xerano[Around]> :p
(21:37:59) <+Kyra> lol
(21:38:06) <+Kyra> what u get in the msg?
(21:38:12) <&Xerano[Around]> lot of blabla
(21:38:21) <+Kyra> jeez xd
(21:38:24) <&Xerano[Around]> was alot of broken image links
(21:38:24) <&Xerano[Around]> xd
(21:38:36) <+Kyra> thought they would fix security issues after last one :x
(21:38:58) <+Danny> its ok, i have no money
(21:39:01) <&Xerano[Around]> any other company would do that
(21:39:04) <&Xerano[Around]> but not omerta ltd :p
(21:39:07) <+Frederikus> oohh
(21:39:08) <+Kyra> btw
(21:39:12) <+Frederikus> i dont have money anyways
(21:39:13) <+Kyra> pocket money or bank money?
(21:39:23) <&Xerano[Around]> no idea
(21:39:26) <&Xerano[Around]> Im too broke to notice
(21:39:26) <&Xerano[Around]> xD
(21:39:30) <+Kyra> hahaha
(21:39:32) <&Xerano[Around]> I was told everyone lost money
(21:39:37) <+Kyra> im busting so that sucks :P
(21:39:38) <&Xerano[Around]> but I didnt notice anything
(21:39:41) <+Kyra> i get a lot of msgs xd
(21:39:54) <+Frederikus> heist chicago!! pm
(21:39:57) <+becca`bbs> Kyra me too but i don;t open all of thekm
(21:40:00) <+Kyra> didnt got any broken imgs tho
(21:40:08) <%Aart> lol ffs
(21:40:12) <%Aart> just don't open them
(21:40:24) <%Aart> delete - all - click!
(21:40:26) <+becca`bbs> i only open from people i know
(21:40:34) <+becca`bbs> cant be bothered
(21:40:47) <+becca`bbs> what am i going to do, send out 60K yw messages
(21:40:59) <+Danny> yes!
(21:41:08) <+Kyra> nah only the ones that say soemthing cute :p
(21:41:10) <+becca`bbs> you do it for me
(21:41:24) <+becca`bbs> i usually respond to people that call me dude
(21:41:26) <+becca`bbs> or bro
(21:41:29) <+becca`bbs> and ream them
(21:41:29) <+Danny> mate
(21:42:06) <+Kyra> from what ing u got em from? he dead? :p
(21:42:40) <+Kyra> a lissiet with 21 msgs was akilled xd
(21:42:53) <&Xerano[Around]> yeah
(21:42:58) <&Xerano[Around]> tis a bunch of dupes tho
(21:43:03) <+Kyra> bet they are
(21:43:04) <&Xerano[Around]> I got mine from another one
(21:43:12) <&Xerano[Around]> and others from yet another one
(21:43:15) <+Kyra> go report em
(21:43:23) <&Xerano[Around]> seems theyre mainly targetting tops/object holders though
(21:43:28) <+Kyra> hmm ye guess so
(21:43:29) <&Xerano[Around]> yeah I did :p
(21:43:38) <+Kyra> ow nice to see they are still alive then xd
(21:43:46) <&Xerano[Around]> indeed
(21:43:50) <&Xerano[Around]> 'theyre working on it'
(21:43:52) <&Xerano[Around]> my ass
(21:43:58) * Joins: Milly ([email protected])
(21:43:58) * ChanServ sets mode: +v Milly
(21:43:58) <&Xerano[Around]> its soap opera time on tv
(21:44:02) <&Xerano[Around]> thats what theyre probably doing
(21:44:13) <%Aart> a screw it
(21:44:20) <%Aart> im going to play on my xbox then
(21:44:24) <+Kyra> hey Xerano[Around]
(21:44:26) <%Aart> fucking omerta
(21:44:26) <+Kyra> 1 more thing
(21:44:32) * Aart is now known as Aart|xbox
(21:44:36) <&Xerano[Around]> yeah?
(21:44:44) <+Danny> no soaps on a sunday
(21:44:45) <+Danny> :p
(21:44:51) <&Xerano[Around]> oh
(21:44:51) <&Xerano[Around]> ye
(21:44:52) <&Xerano[Around]> sunday.
(21:44:53) <&Xerano[Around]> xD
(21:45:09) <+Danny> so no devs will be working until tomorrow

Newspost on barafranca: Hi All,

There are some jokers around, spreading link that make you lose money, change your password, change your language, sent ingame messages, sent sms etc.
The office is notified. For now there is no news about refunds yet, you will be informed further asap.

Change your passwords please.

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