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11-03 Violenza down
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 23,879
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Bravado, Bruinsma, Guardians, Indelicato, Krays, Pavleone, Purga, Riot, Signoria, Violence, Violento, Violenza
The Alliance Violenza is being shot at the moment

Indelicato + Guardians + Bruinsma + Pavleone + Bravado + Purga + Riot + Krays vs Violence, Violenza, Violento

You will notice Larossa is excluded from the shooting, some call it backstabbers other call it ..?

Seems Larossa left the Violenza pact ans saved their asses this way (so far)

After 4 hours of gunfire Violento goes down. Only time will tell when the other V fams will follow.

- Violence down

- Riot moved to a 200HQ

- Purga moved to a 100HQ

- Violenza down


12-03-2010 19:45:51 Violenza down
12-03-2010 19:16:03 Purga down (moved HQ)
12-03-2010 16:21:25 Riot down (moved HQ)
12-03-2010 15:48:01 Violence down
12-03-2010 02:10:27 Signoria down
12-03-2010 01:42:42 Violento down
Adolf (Founder Violenza):

(00:30:45) (&MT|Off) Fuck myself that i trusted gravano vincitori and liberta
(00:30:48) (&MT|Off) AFFINIT-ASS

special thx to affinit-ass.

Knife (Top Violenza): Yes, Finally we got shot! Congrulations and thanks for making us alive till today :) anyway lets talk about game, i see people wondering about our blood's they cant see? who is the organiser of this war? ofcourse gambino gravano vincitori etc etc. shortly, affi yeah they will say surely there arent any affinitas on this game it was old! bla bla but #care so what about tomorrow, Marazzino, Gravano, Gambino, Vaffanculo, Vincitori, Tempes, Notte and maybe LAROSSA will clear other families example TT,Caliente,H&G maybe P&L and all others and they will call themselves as winner :) with 30 families :p .people were blaming us for being backstabber i wish they can understand know what the fucking mean of Backstabber on this game.Anyway Rip all Violenza warriors.

Ps1; i didnt see a war like this they are shooting and then hiding in SH what a war!

Pupale (Guardians): Now hush little baby, don't you cry everything's gonna be alright :p And thanks to the brave soldiers rip the ones that died _o_

Leonhart (Top Larossa): Although we were Violenza�s sister now, we always felt closer to Vaffanculo, our blood from the start, even before we became sisters, because we've always had some issues with them, mainly their �jail policy� which none of Lacossa�s top liked, We were never asked or told about new bloodships, we find them out through their fam page�s updates, basically we felt like our opinions didn�t count. They didn�t like that we were still close to Vaffan, and it was hard to make them share their objects and profits. We thought about leaving them a while ago but we decided that they had done a lot for us even though we didn�t feel appreciated we stuck by them and shot. Just this time we didn�t feel like dying for them.

Johnson (Top Bruinsma): For Favians and because we like Nemesis. Some would say; It's Amazing

Krays statement: We faced a major tactical decision this week. We decided that it was not our style to blood fams just to not get shot. We rather take responsibility then walk away from it, no matter the possible consequences. We dont like making promises or deals we cant keep... Also, by shooting vio, we finalized the revenge for IDT shooting. In the end, we asked ourselves, can we live with it if there is a decisive war in 3.0 that we arent involved in? Well, the answer to that question led to our involvement. In the end, this was a tactical business decision. RIP all who died.

/q sbanks for info / topstatement

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