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04-03 Violenza hijacked
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 15,364
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Violenza
As the early spring sun rises over the European continent, Violenza members wake up famless. After taking down two preshooters in backfire, Violenza's Godfather Castiel is finally killed, and Mol takes over the family. He kicks everyone, clears the family bank of every penny, and changes the family page.

The preshooters Agrigento and Xmikoz died within fifteen minutes of eachother, but almost two hours before Castiel finally died. Both of the Brugliones seemingly planned on drawing out most of Castiel's bullets, and dieing in backfire - their profiles were edited to make it looked like they were the ones being killed, and on request. This was probably done to keep the Violenza tops from panicking and getting other tops, like Castiel, online. Luck was on the hijackers' side, as Castiel's SMS function did not work.

The lead up to one of the strongest family's fall started just after the war between Gravano and ID&T versus ANPT. Guardians was started as one of Favians' sister families on the ANPT headquarters, and several highranks in Violenza moved to Guardians, all for free. But Guardians wanted more of "their" members to be released from Violenza, but they refused.

Between that big war when Guardians was started, and the last big one where Favians died, Guardians swapped their allegiance from Favians - to be a part of Indelicato (former ID&T). Therefor they survived the massacre a week ago, and had to see their friends go down at the hands of - amongst others - Violenza.

Long story short, there were a lot of highranks in Violenza that did not want to be there anymore, and this finally caused the hijack to occur. It is rumored that Guardians has something to do with it, and considering the facts, they would have reason enough.

After almost half a day, Mol suddenly gets adminkilled, word on the streets is that he and Xu were sharing. Xu also got a punish, according to the same rumors. Violenza goes down, but immediately restarts and starts re-inviting their members. There are also some Capodecinas back in the family, but this is only because those accounts have not gained rankprogress since they became famless - so they have not been demoted yet.

Rumors also speak of Balian's account (Consiglieri of Guardians) being frozen, being accused of hacking Annie, one of Violenza's members, who would also be frozen in that situation.

Admins unfroze Balian after 1 day.

Castiel former Don of Violenza who got killed got revived.

04-03 15:57:59 Xu Bruglione Guardians
04-03 15:57:28 Mol Bruglione Violenza Don
04-03 08:33:24 Castiel Godfather Violenza Don
04-03 06:47:22 Xmikoz Bruglione Violenza
04-03 06:29:51 Agrigento Bruglione Violence

To be updated.
Mura (Top Violenza): A few weeks ago we from Violenza gave a few Guardian Brugliones free kicks, now they wanted more free kicks which we refused. Now Guardians teamed up with Favians (who where sis families earlier this version) After the successful highjack they don't dare to take credits for the hijack because they are still up. A few hours after the hijack the hijacker "Mol" gets an a-kill because of sharing with "Xu" (also known as Kapow Top of Guardians) Guardians or better said "Balian" (also known as Pupale) also tried to hack "Annie's" account and then use her account to hijack Violenza. Lucky for "Annie" she set a kill password so they couldn't use this account. Now both Balian & Annie are frozen so admins can further investegate this. Also during the shooting on Castiel the SMS system failed to work.

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