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27-02 Rebellion rebels
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 3,401
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Legends, Pavrinozzia, Pevrinozzia, Rebellion

After serious inside fights Rebellion became an easy target for their opponent especially when their don Festini left the fam. Pavrinozzia and Legends were in need of a HQ so they decided to kill Rebellion.

Rebellion went down fast and without bf kills. P&L created a sister family called Pevrinozzia.

As we are a news site, we try to cover all the news.

We saw a few highranks of Rebellion dead and the leave money was set at $0, but they weren't involved in the war who's still going at the moment right??!

Let me introduce you the key players in this story;

- Festini (Former Don of Rebellion)
- Elloco (Former Sotto of Rebellion)
- Bicerdover (Suicider former member of Rebellion)
- Tascaynar (Suicider former member of Rebellion)
- Sowrd (Sotto of Sicilia)

Due inside problems Tascaynar & Bicerdover decide to try to hijack/kill Rebellion by shooting on Festini. He survived 3 attacks and later he personally killed the both of them.

In the mean time Elloco had his own party going on and had his detectives on Sowrd, the Sotto of Sicilia. Elloco left the family and shot on Sowrd and died in his backfire.

In short: 3 highranks dead of Rebellion, loads of bullets gone and a debt of $45m compensation money for Sicilia.

Rebellion also handed over there objects so they be safe, as they can't defend them anymore.

28-02-2010 09:16:24 Rebellion down

27-02 23:20:24 Bicerdover Bruglione Rebellion
27-02 22:02:29 Elloco Capodecina Rebellion Sotto
27-02 22:01:50 Tascaynar Bruglione Rebellion
Enkelband (Top Pevrinozzia): We planned this for a long time, because of the internal probs in rebellion it made this war much easyer then we thought it would be. P&L Needed to expand the fam cause we didnt had any room left. And we wanted to shoot cause we were bored again. R.I.P To All Who Died

/q sbanks for topstatement

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