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11-01 Vaffanculo Vaffanculo.. down
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 21,976
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Akronia, Favians, Vaffanculo
For weeks, Vaffanculo has been on the bottom of the charts. Unable to recover properly from the countless wars they have been in, they remained mainly bulletless and without objects. But, unluckily for Favians and Akronia, they did have enough resources for bodyguards.

Favians had attempted to take down Vaffanculo two weeks ago, with the help of Perforta and Akronia (both denied being officially involved in the war at that time) but failed. Now with new initiative and help from Akronia again, Favians tried to accomplish the impossible. But two days later, it looks like it is still impossible, as only a handful of Vaffanculo's members have been killed, the top 3 surviving attempt after attempt, and even a (supposed) bug threw dirt in the mix for the attackers.

Many of the attackers have claimed that Vaffanculo was abusing this bug, as it made them impossible to be shot more than twice in a row - at the third attempt they received the message their detectives had no idea where the target was - but admins were in no position to punish any of the Vaffanculo tops who (fortunately for them) remained impossible to kill, yet had no influence on this event at all.

Two days later, there are still attempts on the Vaffanculo highranks, but none of them seem to be going down any time soon.

Update 11-01 :

Times up for Vaffanculo, they sold their HQ for $60m, at the moment the family is still named Vaffanculo but will be renamed to Bravado.

Krays is currently protecting the HQ, as the family page also states.

As seen, Vaffanculo down and Akrona up after some discussions between Krays and Favians/Akronia.

Akronia took themselves down and moved to the new HQ who is called Akrona.

11-01-2010 21:30:19 Vaffanculo down
11-01-2010 23:17:44 Akronia down

08-01 04:07:49 Flamez Bruglione Vaffanculo
08-01 02:38:21 Lampo Godfather Vaffanculo
05-01 14:14:50 Cliffhanger Bruglione Vaffanculo
05-01 06:04:19 Akronian Chief Akronia
05-01 05:21:20 Bahadirkep Bruglione Akronia
05-01 03:45:45 Punani Chief Vaffanculo
05-01 02:00:24 Musicmatters Bruglione Vaffanculo
05-01 01:48:06 Zeljko Chief Akronia
05-01 00:15:12 Qwe Capodecina Akronia
04-01 23:57:15 Elyazbeck Bruglione Vaffanculo

To be updated if something interesting occurs.
Bazjuuh (Top Vaffanculo): Mikee & Me have a damn sick sleep pattern at the moment, we are just tired of defending it. Don't worry Vaffanculo will be back!

/q sbanks

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