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21-12 Vaffanculo under (slow) attack!
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 14,399
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Akronia, Favians, Perforta, Vaffanculo
Favians + Perforta are shooting at Vaffanculo at the moment.

Almost 24 hours later, Favians still is shooting at Vaffanculo, well.. Akronia is at the moment.

First Favians with help of Perforta started to shoot the 7 CD's who Vaffanculo had left.

Because of safehouse time and the toughness of a few CD's of Vaffanculo who keep surving 60k after 60k they are still standing.


- Perforta is NOT in this war because they only shot 2 targets
[00:47] (DnZ) We are actually not in war %100 only 2 targets we are getting
[00:47] (DnZ) so not in war :)
[00:47] (DnZ) so better not to be in fin.gon xD

- Akronia is NOT in this war because ONLY Gerrard the don of Akronia shot.
[00:51] (pNouma) 1 shoot mean is u are in war ?. it can be hack. he can shoot his personal feelings. etc etc

Thanks for all the pm's from Perforta & Akronia for this explanation, you shoot but you are not in war. Thanks again. :/
Doracfas (Top Vaffanculo):
Well, after a nice week of chilling and waiting for Christmas, Favians decided to shoot at an empty fam. After their heroic shot at Amazing earlier this version, they decided it was time to shoot at Vaffanculo. After we had to shoot Righelli for leaking information it was clear there was an open window for Favians to shoot and the brave fam Favians always take the chances to shoot at fams who are on their last legs. When we remember Favians of 3.0 we will remember them as the fam who shoots at empty fams, so they won't die. There is a word for it: cowards or something? Congratulations with this decision Favians, you made your reputation come true once again.
Respect to all Vaffanculo warriors, maybe we can survive again, but otherwise: You all made this version worth playing in.



/q sbanks for statement

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