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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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15-12 Vaffanculo <-> Righelli
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 25,568
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Blacklist, Casappa, Coccada, Destination, Fatoslocos, Gambino, Indelicato, Infraglis, Krays, Notte, Portucalia, Righelli, Talamasca, Trafficante, Vaffanculo
Word on the street is that while Vaffanculo and Righelli's tops were discussing possible war targets, info leaked through either of the families, and into the hands of people who should not have gotten it.

Righelli and Vaffanculo both accuse eachother of the leak. Who the targets were is unknown, but Vaffanculo decided that it had to stop somewhere with the constant leaking in the game, and made their stand against Righelli. The first few shots were hard, as they suffered backfire losses without any success, but as the war progressed Righelli lost more and more Capodecinas, while FaCaVa (Fatoslocos-Casappa-Vaffanculo) lost less in backfire than at the start.

Blacklist are helping their bloods and are shooting at FaCaVa.

Krays are also supporting their bloods whit some shooters.

Update 19:00 OT:

Krays, Coccada, Blacklist, Portucalia, Infraglis opened fire on FaCaVa to help/revenge Righelli

ID+T joined FaCaVa side (targetting Blacklist & Righelli)

Leaked logs: here

Update 20:52 OT:

Gambino + Notte joined FaCaVa side

Update 22:28 OT:

16-12-2009 22:28:15 Casappa down

Update 23:00 OT:

Trafficante joined Righelli's side

Update 02:00 OT:

It seems like Blacklist have been "Hijacked" by Gravano, as they now have taken over the Blacklist HQ and left their old Xantos HQ.

Update 19-12:

After a few days Righelli got shot down.


16-12-2009 22:28:15 Casappa down
19-12-2009 15:08:29 Righelli down
Furiousangel (Top Vaffanculo): You all heard about the leaks and spreading of the logs. We want a game with honour and respect, some family's lost that honour and respect in this game. We know it's not the most tactical war. When a family fucks us, we fuck them back harder! RIP Facava Warriors, Tonight we dine in hell.

Mitario (Fatoslocos Don): Rip to all great warriors that died in this war. FA - CA - VA warriors made me proud =) Fatoslocos members know I like quizes, so quiz of this week is: How many families does it take to take FACAVA down? Once again rip to all members on all sides :^

Sollid (Top Righelli): The only winners of this war seem to be the families unrelated to Righelli and FaCaVa. The reason of their shooting has been spoken about a lot, have fun reading it all back. We know we didn't leak it, and we know they've got no evidence about us leaking it. The war itself is quite nice, after getting shot at by 3 families for almost a day now Notte Gambino and Talamasca are shooting us too, no problem with that, it's all in the game.

Now a big thanks to all the bloods who've stepped in for us we won't forget that for sure, also a big thanks to our members who fought with us and are still fighting for us. Now the question quite some people asked, why didn't we do so much this version. We wanted to, but had much difficulties with all the bloodwebs. We decided not to blood all the big powerhouses, knowing we wouldn't get out alive. We hoped others would follow that to keep the game more dynamic. Infortunately that didn't happen.

Thanks to all who made Righelli possible this version :)

H`HMD (Blacklist Top): Last night, our blood Righelli told us Vaffanculo might attack them, and explained the situation. So when they did indeed get attacked, we jumped in to help them. No hard feelings to Vaffanculo, and we would do it again if given the choice. RIP to the BlackList soldiers ! _o_ Pleasure playing with you guys&girls.

/q sbanks for top statement

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