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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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22-11 Castiglia/Impero <-> Righelli/Conflict
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 16,818
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.8a
Involved families: Bafro, Castiglia, Conflict, Cosanostra, Gotti, Hellsangels, Ilteber, Impero, Kowloon, Lucchese, Maravilla, Nuevitas, Righelli, Rispetto
After seeing several of their bloods die at the hands of Conflict and Righelli, Castiglia and Impero were given the inevitable and seemingly impossible task of getting revenge for their fallen friends.

So just before midnight (OT), the time came. Fearless of Righelli and Conflict's bloods counter-attacking the shooting families, Castiglia (the first family to start this version) and Impero opened fire.

Before anyone else really notices what's going on, Righelli is downed already. But it doesn't take long for an answer to come, as immediately after this, Nuevitas and Lucchese join Conflict and the remaining Righellis to take on Castiglia/Impero.

In a controversial move, Illusion chose one blood above the other, and also sided with Conflict to take down the 2 families.

Just after Illusion steps in, Impero goes into high gear and focuses on Nuevitas/Lucchese, taking out a lot of their highranks, but failing to down either family.

Now Kowloon, Maravilla and Iltiber step in, and over at Hellsangels a crew message is sent to hire and shoot at Castilgia members, bringing the amount of families facing Castiglia/Impero to nine.

2 and a half hours into the war, the Donna of Impero (..?) shoots at Coccada's Don Mugen, causing them too to side with Conflict/Righelli in the one of the longest wars of the version.

Due to the time of the war, few of the families under attack are able to bring the majority of their shooters online, so more and more families are asked to join, and Cosanostra, Rispetto and Bafra answer the call of duty, making the hunted the hunters now, trying to take out Castiglia/Impero before they do much more damage.

It's not long before Castiglia goes down itself, after Gotti's Don Sendokishi kills Catsuna, Castiglia's last successor.

The war goes on through the night, most of the big families in the war out of bullets or not so big anymore, and it seems to get the looks of a guerrilla war, when more than 6 hours after Castiglia's fall, Ucu finally makes an end to Impero, by killing their last successor, Lea.

After almost 12 hours of war, Omerta is left devastated. The controlling Conflict and their bloods severely weakened, but the strongest opposition also put down and out.

- +/- $1,300,000,000 Money Lost
- +/- 20,000,000 Bullets Fired/Lost
vinie (Don of Castiglia): First of all i wanted to thx all the ppl in Castiglia for giving me a great time.

We decided to shoot Conflict and Righelli mainly for 2 reasons. First off all because they shot 5 of our bloods so we had the feeling we couldn't end the this version with both side fams. Secondly we heard many rumors about Conflict and Righelli (in coorperation with other fams) shooting us, and as you all know its better to shoot then be shot at.

Want to say rip to all who died on both sides. Have to congratulate conflict with the fact that they are still standing, thx to the quick reaction of the successor. I also have to congratulate Righelli and Conflict with the way they keep there bloods close, even some of who we didn't expect it. I guess you guys probably gonna win this version and gratz with that. Shot most so probably deserved win.

/q sbanks for topstatement (barafranca or abjects irc)

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