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19-11 Illusion and bloods attack
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 12,043
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.8a
Involved families: Annapolis, Calles, Coccada, Conflict, Corona, Cristeria, Differencia, Illusion, Infragilis, Murder Inc, OFC, Portucalia, Rispetto, Trafficante
Athough not having any intention to shoot, after a week full of rumours, ranging from their bloods being shot, to 11 families being gathered to shoot them, some being reliable, others not so, Illusion called on their bloods to end the building threat of several families and once more give confirmation to the rest of the families that they aren't afraid of a fight if needed.

Illusion, as well as their bloods Conflict, were eager to shoot and remove the threat of Differencia, Annapolis and Trafficante, as well as several smaller families.
Coccada, who experienced a set of troublesome wars where the KA was against their favor - despite them being one of the strongest families in the game versus much weaker families - were also quick to jump to Illusion's aid to prevent yet more suicides on them or their bloods and be severely weakened.

Corona, Rispetto and Calles also joined, and thus the six families divided their targets as following;

Illusion + Conflict + Corona <-> Differencia + OFC
Rispetto + Calles <-> Annapolis + Trafficante
Coccada/Cristeria <-> Infragilis + Murder Inc + Portucalia

Infragilis was the first to go down, followed by Portucalia, Trafficante, Murder Inc. OFC, and finally Annapolis went down.

As the main fighting ended, Ilteber and Untouchables helped the victourious families with cleaning up the remaining members on the opposing side, ending a war which lasted for only a few hours, but is likely to impact the game as if it had been way longer.
Lyramen (Illusion top); First of all rest in peace to everybody who was in the battlefield that day. We were hearing lots of rumors for over a week, some of them were reliable some of them were not, but one thing for sure that some fams were up to something. I cant help but wonder, why those fams everytime getting provoked instead of doing their job.
Again we did not have any intention to shoot, but they had, again there were fake rumuors. As soon as we learned they will shoot on illusion and some of our bloods, we acted. Our bloods were eager to shoot too, thanks to them, and we prevailed one more time.

complains? /j #sbanksdoesntcare