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17-10 Pasajero <-> Illusion
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 3,042
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.8a
Involved families: Illusion, Pasajero
Inside troubles in the Pasajero top caused several top players to go back to their former family (Illusion) and others to retire, and suicide on their old family.

This resulted in both families going down, but Illusion re-starting not too long later, left to tend their wounded and bury their fallen.
Zofff (Pasajero top): In my opinion Illusion was just a blood family for me. As a founder of Pasajero i know that we had a bad start with choosing a wrong Pasajero top3. I know that's my fault. Cause that top 3 were not aware that Pasajero was a big family. They were acting like we were a sis family of illu. Our family lost the Pasajero identity and fell under the executive of another family.
When i woke up yesterday the people who said they are going to come with me till the end were passed to Illusion. This was the final thing that drove me crazy. Pasajero played this game with honor always. Instead of make pasajero a present of i would like to not appear in the game. And a little notice to illu top that the people who left me half of the way can do same thing to u. I wish happiness to people that who like to adulatory. This is all i want to say.

Noodless (Illusion top):It is not a common thing to see shooting bloods each other. As everyone knows Pasajero was our blood but it is obvious that we arent responsible for their stupid actions. Because of their inside trouble, some of them might have decided to leave the fam and join Illusion. This is their internal problem.
In the end, Pasajero divided into 2 and the ones who stayed in Pasajero did the thing which suits them best. We congratulate Pasajero for their noob actions such as wasting their fam by shooting their blood, or by hacking friends acc and shooting our don Itisenrakun.
Nevertheless, we have to accept our mistake that we shouldnt had been blood with noobs. Our friends, who might think that they are responsible for the suicides, are happily welcome anytime.

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