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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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04-04 The saga continues
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 11,475
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Version: 2.71
Involved families: Andolini, Contrevous, Crematore, Critical, Delavega, Famless, Hysteria, Ilteber, Inzerilla, Inzerillo, Lucchese, Nuevitas, Pericoloso, Squad
04-04 FamlessRIP + HysteriaRIP + AndoliniRIP + ContrevousRIP + CrematoreRIP <-> NuevitasRIP/Lucchese/Squad + Pericoloso + Inzerillo/Inzerilla + Delavega + IlteberRIP + Critical

As the Sun sets down, the gangsters begin ruling the streets... again...
Crime family, named Famless decided to revenge the families who died yesterday and the day before yesterday by shooting NLS.

NLS got their troopers online after they got shot and gave the green light to shoot on everything of Famless. Pericoloso was also called in to help shooting on Famless. Within the hour Famless was down.

Some people from Hysteria joined the Famless family to shoot at NLS, so NLS with bloods inmediatly hired decs on Hysteria. But just few moments before they have opened fire, Sottocapo of Hysteria killed last Chief (no more LC+ were alive already then) of Nuevitas, taking the family down. Hysteria goes down just in a bit less than 3 minutes after that.

After some half of hour, Inzerillo opened fire at Andolini, but failed to take them down at first strike because one of Capodecinas failed to kill Don of Andolini Edge. Evlgang, capo of Delavega got him about 1,5 hour later, bringing whole family down.

Contrevous opened fire at Ilteber and took them down pretty easy, Contrevous did't had enough time to celebrate its victory, 2 hours later they got shot down.

Crematore wasn't involved yet, so why not them also.. Inzerillo shot the 1 of the 2 brugs, Critical jumped in to shot the 2nd brug. Critical took over the 2 spots with this kill which meant the end of Crematore.

During war some bug seems to appear - at least two Godfathers - Thesoul (ex-Godfather of Famless) and Noobitto (ex-Godfather of Contrevous) are displayed as Brugliones in their pages. Same goes for Zikamu - ex-Capodecina of Inzerillo.

04-04-2008 15:22:45 Famless down
04-04-2008 16:31:36 Nuevitas down
04-04-2008 16:34:19 Hysteria down
04-04-2008 18:59:51 Andolini down
04-04-2008 20:44:51 Ilteber down
04-04-2008 22:08:08 Contrevous down
04-04-2008 23:44:27 Crematore down

Listing only Local Chief+. For a complete list, check out the Deaths Overview.

04-04 23:44:27 Priest Bruglione Crematore
04-04 23:19:47 Showtek Bruglione Crematore Don
04-04 22:29:12 Ayida Bruglione Contrevous Sotto
04-04 22:08:08 Analucia Bruglione Contrevous Don
04-04 22:01:02 Zikamu Bruglione Inzerillo Sotto
04-04 22:01:02 Algebra Bruglione Contrevous Consig
04-04 21:55:42 Nanse Bruglione Contrevous
04-04 21:50:41 Capel Bruglione Conflict
04-04 21:45:55 Thesurgeon Bruglione Pericoloso
04-04 21:23:39 Yurinero Local Chief Contrevous Roulette in Chicago
04-04 21:23:39 Vibe Chief Conflict Roulette in LV - Sal Sagev
04-04 21:16:02 Noobitto Bruglione Contrevous Don
04-04 21:01:08 Kazana Bruglione Contrevous
04-04 20:49:03 Chavell Bruglione Ilteber
04-04 20:44:51 Destiny Chief Ilteber Don
04-04 20:44:51 Kaiowas Bruglione Contrevous
04-04 20:17:13 Duelist Capodecina Ilteber Don
04-04 20:16:45 Rerpu Bruglione Contrevous Sotto
04-04 20:16:45 Madrigal Capodecina Ilteber Sotto
04-04 18:59:51 Edge Chief Andolini Don
04-04 17:50:38 Siff Local Chief Famless
04-04 17:31:49 Soldja Local Chief Andolini Consig
04-04 17:31:24 Mindwar Local Chief Andolini Slots in Chicago
04-04 17:31:06 Xaveko Local Chief Andolini Sotto
04-04 17:20:33 Danja Chief Hysteria
04-04 16:52:22 Shaft Chief Hysteria
04-04 16:50:23 Faust Local Chief Hysteria
04-04 16:34:19 Paslednas Local Chief Hysteria Don
04-04 16:31:36 Koizumi Chief Nuevitas Capo
04-04 16:31:36 Nuwandes Chief Hysteria Sotto
04-04 15:36:51 Shaolininjas Local Chief Famless
04-04 15:32:12 Mpressure Local Chief Famless
04-04 15:28:58 Mrlemmer Local Chief Squad
04-04 15:28:00 Epud Local Chief Famless
04-04 15:27:45 Supradyne Local Chief Famless
04-04 15:23:27 Fidu Chief Squad
04-04 15:22:45 Enrico Bruglione Lucchese
04-04 15:22:45 Thesoul Capodecina Famless Don
04-04 15:20:29 Locker Local Chief Famless
04-04 15:20:05 Gustavao Chief Pericoloso PB in LV - El Rancho
04-04 15:20:05 Misti Local Chief Famless Consig
04-04 15:14:40 Veteran Chief Hysteria
04-04 15:12:18 Caim Local Chief Squad
04-04 15:10:55 Whistler Chief Famless
04-04 15:00:41 Strukka Local Chief Famless
04-04 15:00:41 Iska Local Chief Nuevitas
04-04 14:29:26 Sjakie Local Chief Nuevitas Capo
04-04 14:29:09 Ovide Local Chief Nuevitas Capo
04-04 14:28:47 Theproduct Local Chief Nuevitas Bookie in Detroit
04-04 14:28:47 Kissoffdeath Chief Famless
04-04 14:28:44 Pharmacist Local Chief Nuevitas Don
04-04 14:28:33 Twirl Capodecina Squad Don
Cleudys (Top Pericoloso): NLS came to us asking to shoot along with them while they were under attack, as our closest blood we off course helped them with taking Famless down.....

Thesoul (Top Famless): We all know how things are going.. bloods.. allies.. We saw many bloods shooting each other or watching the dying of their bloods.. We Famless had no bloods.. We were alone all the version. We lived over then 1 month. And these days the top fams are shooting 1 by 1 and making their clearments. So we know the times has come for us. So! Is there anything to wait! waiting the be dead! we decided to shoot and the perfect target was NLS.. Always shit happens and it is done to us also and it took a bit long to take down Nue but we did at last. and made some demage Squad. While i was shooting i learnt that Essence ,to whom Famless helpe after they were taken down by Levi, hired dets on Famless :) shitty.. Anyway, we started alone, we walked alone and we did alone.. i am proud of being with Famless.. and special thanx to my friends in Hysteria.. WE ROCKED

Artuk (Top Hysteria): Some change and some don't!From the beginning we have stayed at the same place where loyalty also stays.If being the winner is just having a family that still has high ranks at the end of the version, yes we are losers and we are happy not to be a winner cuz they have lost more than they have won, we will see this truth in next versions more clearly.And I hope the ones who have power on game will use their power just for serving the justice and giving the same chance to all players not only for their friends.RIP all who played with honour in whole version.

Ziimon (Top Lucchese): When I was idling around a bit someone seemed to not like us :x I don't understand that, because we never shoot or anything. We bugged our highranks and with the help of our great bloods we managed to take the attackers down before they did too much damage. When the first attackers were mostly down more shooting started, but again the war didn't turn out too bad. Big thanks to our bloods and RIP Nuevitas and all dead people.

I love sbanks and I wanted to show off, so I told my fam to shoot what they can, I hope I succeeded :D

Hyobanshi (Top Inzerillo): When we saw NLS highranks drop and noticed it was Famless, we gathered forces and shot them. Easy as that :x + i think sbanks is a goat, lesbian or a cow.

Xaveco (Top Andolini): The main puprose of Andolini was to be a place for friends. A fam were we could just relax and have some fun together. Therefore we werentin a hurry to find bloods, although we talked with some friends that are tops about this issue. Seems like today Inzerillo got fake rumours after wich they decided to shoot on us. After Xaveko,Lenine and Mindwar got killed, I pmd Panta and sorted things out, things got solved.
But, since we had just an Chief don (Edge), Delavage family obviously saw it as an opportunity to get us down for a spot. After a wrong shot on our don i went to talk with Mackey. I did this cause Delavega fam was only one to whom we didnt ask permission to start. So i figured out they used this way now to show us they are stronger? Anyway what goes around comes around.... All I can say is that this noobaction will be revenged soon enough.Remeber that! and let me tell u that its a bad move to come whining about this when u have no clue who ur dealing with. Rip all Andolini players who died cause of a fake rumour. Thanks Panta for the trust you had in me. I know it sucks and i dont rly blame Inzerillo for all this. I do blame the one who spread out this fake rumour!
I'm sure i ll post some more pretty soon :)

/q sbanks for top statement

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