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03-07 First family down
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 2,956
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.7
Involved families: Fatoslocos
The 'First family down'-award goes to Fatoslocos. They got killed by tomatoes instead of regular bullets.

Apparently Fatoslocos' don and only person above LC was a-killed during today's raid against scripters (the second raid of this version). A lot of people from Mazzaro were killed as well but Fatoslocos suffered the most, since they lost the entire family.

The admins did not make an assassin don this time, as they did in previous versions when they akilled the don of an lc-only family. The policy changed.
Porrello (Fatoslocos top): I went to ask Oyaji if he could guarantee me that when we shot Trapani, we would get their spots. Trapani had 4 spots, no successor, in the same city as us. Well, right after I asked Oyaji about the spots, he killed everyone. In fact while we were in a normal conversation :P
After the killings we asked about regaining the fatos spots, because that was the policy previous version(s). When a don of a family gets admin-killed they find it not right to let the rest of the people loose their family, so they always favoured the spots. But he said to have changed policy from now... I personally didn't cheat so didn't get an akill btw, but I feel fucked that people in my family cheat...

(IRC conversation translated from dutch)
Oyaji: Btw, how are the warplans?
Oyaji: Fatoslocos is a little bit down
Porrello: Crap there go the plans :')
Oyaji: Had to hurry a little before you guys were gonna shoot -_-
Oyaji: Otherwise I have some dead bodies whining here
Porrello: Am I then the only one who plays fair?

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