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14-06 Reset notes
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 2,278
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families:
Prior to the reset to version 2.7 on June 22, we will be giving you the chance to settle some final scores and finish 2.6 in style with a Deathmatch.

This Deathmatch will start at 16.00 Omerta Time today.

We will be changing game settings and improving your accounts so everyone can have a good time killing as many players as they want, or try to survive. The Deathmatch will be implemented in 3 stages that will make things increasingly easier for you.

The following will happen in each of these 3 stages:

Stage 1
Free Tommygun for every player
More bullets produced in the local bulletfactory
Shorter waiting times for Crimes, Nick a Car and Travel (so you can rank faster and make more money)
Rankpoints are automatically added to accounts over time (the longer you stay alive, the stronger you will get)
Spot prices will be cheaper (So you can set up or expand a family more easily if you want to )
Rare cars will be easier to steal
Car and Crime attempts will automatically be added to accounts over time (so your chance to avoid jail increases)

Stage 2 will start Friday the 15th
You can no longer hide in the safehouse
Detectives will find their targets faster
Bullets, Kill Skill & Money will automatically be added to accounts over time

Stage 3 will start Wednesday the 20th
All accounts, and accounts created from then on, will be set to Bruglione level with the same amount of money & bullets (accounts that already have more will not lose the extra stuff)
48 hour protection is disabled
There is no waiting time between Kill attempts
Detectives will only cost $1
There is no waiting time between visits to the Bloodbank
Everyone's Kill Skill will be set to 100%
Every account will have Donate+ status
Please don't ask for more changes or for us to make them sooner... you won't get it.

Have fun, enjoy the chaos, and good luck

Cya in 2.7!

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