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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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09-04 Trojans war
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 2,091
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families: Gurentai, Infragilis, Neptun, Pavleone, Quintero, Rossineri, Trojans
09-04 NeptunRIP + RossineriRIP + Gurentai + Pavleone + Infragilis <-> TrojansRIP + QuinteroRIP

After Neptun killed Genesis (a small, 2-brug only family), they got involved in a war with Trojans.

There is some shadow of doubt covering the causes of this war, as both sides deny that they started the shooting. Based on the comments, this is roughly what happened :

  1. Trojan tops sent out a message to all assassin+ to meet in a channel on irc.
  2. Rossineri finds out about this and suspects Trojans is preparing a war against them. Rossineri and their bloods set decs.
  3. Trojan tops get the "Heat is on" message.
  4. Trojans announce that Neptun and Rossineri are the targets, which in turn causes Rossineri + bloods to open fire.

Read the comments if you want to try to unravel this mess yourself ;)

Yet regardless of who started it, the war was very bloody with serious losses on either side. Trojans concentrated their attack on Neptun and Rossineri and took them both down, while they suffered substantial losses themselves by the hands of the other attacking families. Both Neptun, Rossineri and Trojans are down after a few hours of fighting. Several hours later Quintero is also taken down.
Sleepyllama (Rossineri top): We had a spy sitting in Trojans, around 22 OT Trojans top send out this msg to all online assa+
We need all assas + to be in this channel while ing. It makes it easier to get you if we need you in a hurry... TY
#trojans.soldiers pw is - sexy
you can even check it out if you want xD
we already had a suspicion that it could be us so I hired my decs on Jsmoke. Later on they announced that Neptune and Rossi were idd the targets. So we all set decs right away and informed Neptune. First I found Jsmoke and shot him, what happened then is kinda obvious.
The only reason I can think of why Trojans is denying this, is that they dont want to look as fools as they do now.. next time take a better look on your own members ;)
I want to thank all Rossi members for the nice time, we will be back \o/
and ofc Gurentai for standing up as true bloods

#trojans.soldiers channel :
(02:11:22) * Gizzie[OF] changes topic to 'Dets on Nayana, Flamingo, Shaan, Comanche, Wsx, Hansklok, Blahzey, Hoodie, Advocatte, Inmyoffice, Ihatenoobs, Ipos, Themarcel, Perturbado, Callao, Lazyllama

Leanne (Trojans top): [01:45] <&Leanne> Subject: The heat is on!

a good half hour before Phenkys orders... long enough for us to go thru the list and find which were likely families with lots of highs on....... and shooting jackalaa first is irrelivant..... it just means highest was shot first.....
And as for the spy... we already knew we were being pasted... which i showed Trice already. Naturally we would set dets after getting that, and naturally you would get messages. So should it have mattered to us about being pasted about hiring? Nope :) Common sense... all your bloods are on, we will get hit my all so just pick some from each and fire... and hope to take as many out with us as we can :)

Trice (Gurentai top):
(Trice) pavleone and infragilis and catalonia also shot
(Trice) and gurentai didnt shoot trojans
(Trice) well, we did, but not our members
(Trice) hm.
(Trice) we did shoot quintero though xD

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