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04-03 RIP Milos 'Alija' Milinkovic
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 3518d 23h 10m 2s ago by sbanks
Comments: 135
Views: 34,265
Votes: 1 (5 average)
Version: 3.3
This following text is provided by Kurosawa:

Our friend and brother Milos Milinkovic - Alija (04.02.1986 – 04.03.2012) was found dead in prison. Alija was our real life friend, member and top of the Kurosawa family. His ingame name this version was Bond and his mirc nick alija`balkan. He played with us the last 3 versions and each version achieved something, he was one of our best rankers. Alija dedicated a lot of his time to Omerta and Kurosawa, he was a very devoted player. The last time his father went to visit him, he told us that Alija was talking only about Omerta and Kurosawa. Which hit us even harder. The day following his father's visit, he was found dead.

We from OBN wish all his family and friends the best and lots of strength during this difficult period.

Here everyone can pay his respect, its sad that i have to write this, but keep it mature, flames and other crap will be deleted and the topic will be locked. Oh, and you will be banned..


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zeveroare Belgium (15:49:30 - 11-11)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 12:25:46 on 06/03:
Why was he in Jail?

Because he was a criminal?
zeveroare Belgium (15:47:25 - 11-11)
Link Quote
Darkice made me do it.
Cantanoza Iran, Islamic Republic of (17:26:23 - 16-06)
Link Quote
Rokisha (09:03:53 - 02-05)
Link Quote
My Best friend and brother Milos Milinkovic - Alija Rest In Peace my bro I I know that you left to a better place than this!

your friend Friend Rokisha ...

RIP bro :(
byhero (01:13:27 - 30-04)
Link Quote
rip bro
Raja United Kingdom Patron (00:47:17 - 08-06)
Link Quote
caliquela (15:01:14 - 15-03)
Link Quote
Wel too sad to see someone die of this age.

my sincere condoleances to kuro and to the fam
xajdyk Serbia (08:21:25 - 13-03)
Link Quote
my friend and brother Milos Milinkovic - Alija Rest In Peace my bro I I know that you left to a better place than this!!!!
Anonymous (20:23:24 - 10-03)
Link Quote
rip :(
Michael (11:46:04 - 09-03)
Link Quote
Paying my respects. Rest in peace Milinkovic.
Thalin (03:32:58 - 08-03)
Link Quote
Rest In Peace my sweet friend. Thank you for all that u did for me. May the angels be with you. God bless your soul. Condoleances for familly and friend.
Onlyme (22:28:54 - 07-03)
Link Quote
RIP :(
yaptann (20:09:02 - 07-03)
Link Quote
I don't know you, but its always sad to see young people pass away like this.
Its obvious you'll be missed deeply
My condolences for friends and family :(
El tony lunatico G soldier :) (16:00:44 - 07-03)
Link Quote
my condolences mate. Rest in Peace :(

walton Turkey (11:08:24 - 07-03)
Link Quote
Rip :(
perstasy (10:50:26 - 07-03)
Link Quote
Pocivaj u miru Milose
strale (23:51:16 - 06-03)
Link Quote
RIP milose , pocivaj u miru
Shy (22:34:42 - 06-03)
Link Quote
There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love. Words cannot express how his family and friends must feel for their loss. However,nothing you love is lost. Not really. People always go away sooner or later. You can’t hold them anymore than you can hold moonlight in your hands. But if they’ve touched you, if they’re inside you, then they’re still yours. They will be safe within your hearts and memories forever. God Bless all that his life touched.

My deepest sympathy to all.

Xtreme, aka Shy... Montana

pikachuuu Palestinian Territory, Occupied (21:36:56 - 06-03)
Link Quote
Flyer (19:41:45 - 06-03)
Link Quote
I didn't know Alija but noticed he was a year younger then me. That makes him to young to die. My condolences for all his friends and family.