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14-09 Congratulations Latitante!
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02-01 80,000,000$ hitlist
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 2
Views: 2,869
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families:
On 1 January, Mican is hitlisted for about 80M by Scythe (who got lucky when gambling and decided to give the game some fun). Mican is just a picci, without family, and still in his 48 hours protection. A lot of people are already hoping for some easy money by being the first one to kill him, and eagerly hire detectives on him to shoot him exactly when his 48 hours run out.

However about 5 minutes before the end of his 48 hours, so while a lot of people already spent millions of detective money on him and are waiting to push the Kill button, he is suddenly admin-killed because he was a cheater (and supposedly Mican and Scythe are dupes).

The players are furious. Not long after, the admins revive him because he was hitlisted for so much money, and put him on the hitlist again themselves (for 80M of Scooter's money), apologizing for the mistake. However all the detectives that were set by the players are lost, and have to be rehired, costing a lot of money again. At 18:47 OT, 15 minutes after the revive, Silvablade is the lucky guy who manages to kill him and claim the money. A lot of people are left with a sour feeling, even though the admins fixed their error pretty fast.

Mican 02-01-2007 18:47:31 Picciotto
Levella (Admin) Mican was akilled because he was a cheater. When we found out he was on the hitlist for 80M we revived him so that at least one person would get the money for killing him. He wouldnt have been killed had we known that he was on the hitlist for that much money, because it brings a little excitement in the game. That's why we put him back with our apologies. So, we made a mistake and we tried to correct it.

Anonymous coward Mican and scythe are the same person :X

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Raja United Kingdom Patron (10:53:23 - 06-06)
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lmao - What a joke! xD
Anonymous (22:28:29 - 17-01)
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