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21-12 Family object limits
Author: Rix
Last updated: 4500d 8h 51m 33s ago by sbanks
Comments: 12
Views: 7,654
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.3
On Deathmatch it was announced yesterday that families can now own just one casino object.
On .com this amount is set to 3 objects!

Barafranca News: Little big man

By Brando: And we have set the maximum number of casino object per family in DM to one

Don't panic if your family presently has more than one casino object – you won't lose this because of the changes – but if you lose it by normal means, nor will you be able to gain it back.

Why have we done this? To try to give the game more balance and to facilitate having different ownership rules in different versions (due to differences in size).

Because Deathmatch is usually looked at as a test version by the admins, it is understandable that they have implemented this idea there, whether you agree with the content of the idea itself or not. Today, however, they have also implemented this same feature today on .nl, even after the massive amount of naysayers which presented themselves on Deathmatch. Because now a "real" and "live" version has also gotten this feature, it is within the expectations that our beloved .com will also get this in the near future.

So, what do you think about this?

Note/Disclaimer: If the majority of the votes on this poll say that this is a bad idea, we from OB News will provide the Barafranca Crew this "petition" list with all the usernames who voted against implementing this and hopefully they will listen to the majority of the users who voted here.

Also, don't create multiple accounts. Just like we did with the "Winner 3.2?" poll, we will remove your accounts, votes and access to this site.
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Anonymous (07:11:43 - 22-12)
Link Quote
Would be nice to start with max 2 objects.
But if you want a third one, you have too shoot for it.
Anonymous (22:49:09 - 21-12)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 18:03:19 on 21/12:
seems Brando already said it was a mistake on .nl and its not gonna happen neither on .nl or .com.

Its gonna happen.
Its just limited to 3 casino objects, which makes it 4 total (since you can only have 1 BF anyway) per fam.
Josephc United States (19:12:42 - 21-12)
Link Quote
Just seems like such a waste of time to go through the effort of implementing something like this when it's so easy to work around by the players. Families with more than 3 casino objects will just start a sister family or park their "extra" casinos with bloods and there will be no effect to gameplay.

Also, I've noticed some differing opinions on whether bullet factories are counted in this or not? As I read it a family can have 3 casinos plus a bullet factory, but it's not overly clear.
sbanks Guatemala (19:02:31 - 21-12)
Link Quote
when ur family is strong, the reward should be loads of objects? if you want a strong family, rank for it? I dunno why admins want to limit the objects..
Rix Netherlands (18:22:27 - 21-12)
Link Quote
Apparently the number has already been upped from 1 to 3.
Anonymous (18:03:19 - 21-12)
Link Quote
seems Brando already said it was a mistake on .nl and its not gonna happen neither on .nl or .com.
Squalor (17:40:47 - 21-12)
Link Quote
I think its a bad idea, and admins shouldnt be concerned about who gets the objects. The game community itself will decide that. They try to get more balance, what will happen now, a small fam with a casino will get blown away, and a big fam will start a sis fam on that spot, with 1 guy and a casino. Yeay, we got more motivation for sis fams, and big fams can close or lock the version faster... Like we have seen on other versions. As far as i see it, every change made so far, to limit big fams power, has backfired. (why do admins want to limit big fams power anyway, like this is a real problem in omerta nowadays ?...)
Anonymous (15:52:51 - 21-12)
Link Quote
What are you all crying about? What happened when they limited 1 gf/cd per fam, everyone whined for a bit then started creating sis fams

just make fckng sis fams and enjoy your objects..
Hyobanshi Netherlands (15:48:56 - 21-12)
Link Quote
68 casino's
8 bulletfactory's
and a maximum of 36 family's!
Should be 3/4 objects for each fam, still a reason for war!
Anonymous (15:44:02 - 21-12)
Link Quote
If a fam can only have 1 object then thats another reason not to have a war
gg bara crew
Anonymous (15:36:22 - 21-12)
Link Quote
lol the end of omerta everyday closer
Anonymous (15:30:48 - 21-12)
Link Quote
i love it great idea!