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28-12 Article : Bugs, Hackings and Unfairness
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families:
Opinion Piece
If this was for The Times it would have been censored so hard it'd make my head spin

Recently there's been a wave (or is it just 1 man?) of people on irc who try to scam noobs into giving their ingame passwords. They take on the nick of family tops, confront unsuspecting members of that family, and convince them to giving up their password.
When the password is obtained, that account is accessed and used to shoot and kill an other random highrank. While this kind of scamming is something of all ages and versions, there's been a remarkable increase lately, targeting not just noob lowranks but also noob highranks.

Admin policy on hackings is : we don't frakking care. When you're hacked it is of course entirely *your* fault, and not the admin's (lest it be crappy irc services but we all know omerta irc is perfect and runs without flaws - cough). The admins can't be blamed for your stupidity, you're fully responsable for your own account.
But when the hacked account shoots somebody else, someone who's got nothing to do with the hacking, admin policy is still : no revive. Why is that? Even when all the evidence is there (most importantly : ip change), they still refuse to revive the victim of this unfair action. Why? Because they don't frakking care about the players.

A fine example of this opinion is the recent discovery of fuzzy bugs in promoting to Godfather and Capodecina. People with over 20M capomoney do not promote to Godfather (example : Bahadirrrr), while others promote to Capodecina at amounts less than 1M (example : Doncorniole). Vast amounts of people have complained about this in #help, but to no avail. As usual, admin communication to the players is inconsistent at best. Some say this is a bug, other say it's a feature.
For the players it doesn't look like anything *but* a bug. Should this not be a bug then the only thing the promoting algorithm shows is a total incompetence on the part of the designers and developers.

Incompetent is perhaps a better word to describe the Omerta admins, and even the above described no-revives-for-victims policy can be seen in that light. The biggest part of the crew are no more than fillers. And I'm not talking about the countless helpdesk admins. While there's some genuine nice and honest people in the crew, most there don't care anymore about the players. Why should they spend time in investigating each and every victim from a hacked account, when they can simply state "no-revives-ever" and be done with it? Why should they spend large amounts of time in fixing bugs when the players are still paying large quantities of money for donating codes?

At times it feels like the only person doing any job at all is w00t. Most other devs never make the news (or it should be something small which any person with a little knowledge about php/mysql can do in 30 minutes max). A nice example about this is the dev kaze, who redesigned The Times so it is now database-driven (mysql). However at the time of launch a lot of old sections (such as the humour page, or the contest page) were left out, with the promise that they'd be added soon. That was months ago, and still nothing changed, thus leaving The Times crippled, not even a shadow of what it once was. Why? Because the admins don't frakking care.

It is truly amazing how, despite the rottenness of the management, be it incompetence or inadequacy, there are still so many people playing this game. Policies which in any other online game would be unnacceptable (and even cause for sueing) are laughed away in this one, and players don't care or forget. It makes me sad sometimes, especially the knowledge that this has been going on for years and that it won't change anytime soon. Omerta 3.0, the beacon of light and hope, will be a disaster if the management continues on the path taken. When a simple feature such as Capodecina or caposuccessor is riddled with bugs, and takes weeks to fix, without any clear communication towards the players - when any player is subject to a sudden and unfair death by the hands of an irc-scammer, without hope of revive - when duping rules are enforced inconsistently and inhumane - then what will a game rewritten from scratch look like?

Just like the start of every new version, the start of 3.0 will attract many new players, who will quickly leave the game when they see how crap it really is.

by Fingon,
Inspired by
Vet 29-12-2006 00:28:43 Local Chief
Jigen 29-12-2006 00:28:42 Chief
and many many other events.

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