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13-12 Atremo akilled
Author: Rix
Last updated: Never
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Version: 3.1
Involved families:
An unprecedented killing spree occured in the afternoon today, seeing hundreds of people ending up on the pillory. It has been said that the Omerta crew had received information about who had visited the script site of Atremo.
It also seems as if the list of the people to be killed was then created through some kind of automatisation and not looked through, as Omerta crewmember Goldylocks also ended up on it - and as many others also landed on the pillory once the "Go" button was pushed.
Immediately complaints started pouring in at the admins, firstly barely pushed off as cheaters trying to be innocent, but not long after admins started to take a serious look at the information they had received, and the actions taken afterwards.
Finally, they realised they had made some big mistakes, and could have punished players who didn't neccesarily cheat.
After a period of debating and even taking the whole game down, across several servers, the crew concluded that a rollback to 4 am (at which Omerta makes their backup, since that is the time the least amount of players are on) on that day.

Although there is most likely a vast majority of the punished players that was actually cheating, all players - and the crewmembers - that landed on the pillory are thereby revived, and no other steps will be taken for the moment, meaning 10 Godfathers, 24 Capodecinas, lots of Brugliones and hundreds of more accounts get a second chance, either to script properly or play fairly, together with the 64 million bullets and almost 12 billion dollars they had lost after being tomato-ed to death. Vacchi, Fatoslocos, Armonia, Invocandi and Catania are also up again.

There are claims that the information that Brando and his companions were given was an list of IP adresses that had logged on to the Atremo website, and the rollback was explained as that list being a list of adresses that had visited the site, a considerable difference.

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