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General Comments & Major Rumors
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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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04-03 RIP Milos 'Alija' Milinkovic
15:37:32 - 06-03
_O_ Rest in peace! _O_
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:42:21 - 22-02
ReBorN at 15:37:49 on 22/02:
sbanks at 15:32:54 on 22/02:
Tri at 15:19:25 on 22/02:
90% confirmed, tonight there should be a war, and a big one aswell.

fucking finally!

heard the same, exciting!1111ONE

^^ 90% true story bro

It means there I'll be 90% chances that I'll be a sleep!
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:37:56 - 22-02
Anonymous at 17:36:15 on 22/02:
Again nothing will happen, c;

Just another rumor day bites the dust. :)

Maybe next version.. \o/

Yes, it will. I'll sleep well tonight!XD
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:37:15 - 22-02
Anonymous at 16:31:50 on 22/02:
War Confirmed for tonight...

Pussypat will finnaly strike on Liberta Tremps and Guantanamo for the objects

Conflict will be on the conner ready to strike marazino and Kurosawa if they help liberta and bloods

True info folks
Well, it's confirmed alright, that I'm going to be a sleep by that time!XDDD
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:35:28 - 22-02
Anonymous at 16:38:16 on 22/02:
Anonymous at 16:31:50 on 22/02:
War Confirmed for tonight...

Pussypat will finnaly strike on Liberta Tremps and Guantanamo for the objects

Conflict will be on the conner ready to strike marazino and Kurosawa if they help liberta and bloods

True info folks
You really don't have a clue :')

Nice rumor. But obviously it's fake.
It's not a rumour it's a gangbang, as usual!XD
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:34:17 - 22-02
Anonymous at 17:28:22 on 22/02:
Anonymous at 16:48:17 on 22/02:
Anonymous at 16:21:24 on 22/02:
Sorry Bros, due the leak on Fingon, the war was cancel.

Well the true is also that some fams are still recovering from the major wars

Muahaha, recover major wars?

Made my day. :)
Its true , Vincitori is one of those fams
Just look to WC Profile
Fams killed : 7

We going all out
The Show Must Go On!! <---- Dont know why remember me Freddie Mercury Style :')

only Vinci already kill 7 fams :DDDDD

U rage U lose :D
We will use patience instead!XD
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:45:58 - 07-02
PannaJunk at 15:01:16 on 07/02:
Anonymous at 14:56:07 on 07/02:
Anonymous at 14:34:29 on 07/02:
Anony at 13:34:29 on 07/02:
Anonymous at 13:11:38 on 07/02:
It's not a fake log , but it's very outdated.
Out of this meeting, only tempe/notte had the balls, the rest is history...

Vinci&Co has already several war plan on their table (they dont need 50 fams to attack, only 4), but just waiting for the right moment. :)

They might have but they aint able to, vinci/conf/marang wanted to dominate a version and not give it away again to a smaller fam but strong power.
Thing is they made a mistake again, vinci is blooded to syndrum and venture so is marangello as far as i know and conf isnt. what will happen is conf will get killed by syndrum and venture to take out the brains. then marangello and vinci has to face marazzino/kurosawa alone wich is gonna be hard since small fams are backing marazzino kuro turkuz republica not because they like eachother but because they want to open up the version again. syndrum and venture will delay the counter when marang or vinci get shot just to make sure they will overpower those fams (bloods or not but they know as any other if they let those fams on top conf/righelli/quirites will be back in no time again)

This may seen difficult but is a scenario wich can happen soon enough and prolly is the main reason for the quit times we have for a long time now.

well, vinci isnt blooded to Syndrum and you are forgetting Quirites.. And tbh (and i"m not a brug from Affi+) i dont think Venture+ can kill conflict. The only fams who can kill Conflict, are their bloods...

The main thing a lot of ppl are forgetting, is the war knowledge of Conflict + Vinci. Not only bulletwise, but also how to preshoot, make good balanced shooting teams, make bg setups that are best in this version, have experienced tops to lead such huge wars and last but not least, they both got a HUGE online member base every day. I know that 40 brugs > 500k in vinci alone... Good luck to me and the others shooting them!! Did someone check top20 (all >1M bullies) btw? Check how much brugs/gf's are in top20 of the big 4... (i dont count maraz as a big one, since they dont do shit anyway...)...

Just my 2 euro's !

Well I agree on the most, this happened earlier to Conf allready in 3.1 with nazdrovia so why not again :)
Conflict is getting shot by their bloods bloods?XD
General Comments & Major Rumors
18:10:41 - 30-01
hacker at 18:04:30 on 30/01:
as i noticed some of players liked the idea 2 4 5

this changes will make more fair and aggresive the game !!

about no 3 the ks we can make it a bit diferent
as example the smaller rank u shoot the less ks u take

as example pp kills shoplifrter takes 0,2
pp kills pickpocket takes 0,4

cause is no reasonable u are pp and u shoot 10.000 to another pp to take ks !!

and about no 1 i am not 100% certain .. it needs a lot of thinking that now i cant do :P

thx for reading
Still whinning about the old times!XD
Please retire!XDDDD
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:46:23 - 30-01
h@cker at 15:27:57 on 30/01:
1)they must expand the number of the families
2)the maximum objects per family
3)make ks more easy to obtain
4)the onlines must have the advantage not the offline !!!
5)the double backfire must be deleted permantly
General Comments & Major Rumors
18:08:17 - 27-01
Troubled weekend for some families!XD
The oracle has spoken once more!XD