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01-11 Prozzini <-> Parabellum
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 19,102
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.1
Involved families: Euphoria, Getica, Gravano, Letalis, Loriga, Natarelli, Nazdrovia, Parabellum, Prestige, Prozzini, Vacchi, Vaffanculo, Valahia
Early morning. Lots of bullets flying. Parabellum dieing. These were the key ingredients for a dish that was bound to throw up some chaos in the Omerta world.
Prozzini was set on bringing back wars being fought without a specific reason, and they achieved it. Although the war started slowly, it looked like they had the upper hand in the fight all the way, until PB's bloods got in on the action and organised a counter-offensive.
Nazdrovia, Letalis, Natarelli, Prestige and Vacchi all opened fire, which lead to Vaffanculo, Gravano and Euphoria joining in on Prozzini's side, first targetting Natarelli.

Natarelli was the first to go down, followed a few hours later by their bloods Prestige, who had only started a couple of days ago, after fighting a war to clear a headquarters.
After some days it was clear Prozzini had set itself up for their own fall - and had to give up their family. Bonanno took over command of their headquarters.

The war seemed over - but did the people who organised the counterattack forget something? Loriga, Prozzini's 'seperate sisterfamily' was still up, although it had had no part in the shootings on Parabellum. But since the strong link between the families, someone ought it wisest to eliminate them nonetheless.
At the hands of Valahia/Getica, Loriga went down in a matter of hours.

[Families] Natarelli down on 02-11-2010 10:43:13
[Families] Prestige down on 02-11-2010 14:45:44
[Families] Namechange: Prozzini → Bonanno
[Families] Loriga down on 03-11-2010 22:31:10
noob (Prozzini): As capone said: "You can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word."

Ceshme (Top Prestige): Bloods of us are very important everytime,if they are our bloods we ll shoot for their revenge all time..

erinc (Top Natarelli): parabellum is more then a blood for natarelli. i think letalis and nazdrovia who are very sexy people think like us. we reacted prozzini's meaningless action as we have to do. thx to our loyal bloods and friends. rip everyone died in both side.

MaFia Turkuz (Top Natarelli): Whatever we did great job yesterday Rip aLL natareLLi and Turkuz soLdiers ... Maybe someone understands anymore ,if you will shoot turki$h famiLies then you must think this 2 times ... So you could not see the morning ...

ulas (Top Parabellum): thanks all our sexy bloods to helping us to shoot back prozzini and thanks for who died for parabellum (sivis pacem parabellum)

/q sbanks for top statement

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