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17-10 Marazzino getting shot
Author: Rix
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 17,397
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.1
Involved families: Civella, Cristeria, Deluccio, Empusa, Fatoslocos, Invocandi, Krays, Maraz, Marazzino, Perfection, Prozzini, Untouchables, Vaffanculo, Valahia, Zino
Marazzino is getting shot by Vaffan + Invo + Cristeria + Empusa + Valahia + Perfection

Civella + Deluccio + Fatoslocos. joined the attackers side.

It seems like Untouchables is the only blood defending Marazzino so far. Untouchables picked Cristeria as their target.

Prozzini joined the war and aimed at Untouchables.

Krays jumped in to defend Marazzino and opened fire at Perfection.

Family: Zino is down
Family: New fam Torretta created in Palermo with don Wtf
Family: Untouchables is down
Family: Perfection sold their hq to Amnesia
Family: Violenza took over spot of Maraz (100)
Family: Vincitori took over the spot of Marazzino (200)
Family: Maraz is down
Family: New fam Bloodbath created in Corleone with don Neon

We will keep you updated.

So far 183 LC+ have died ( 91 brug+ ). 38.44mil bullets and 2.4billion dollars have also disapeared. @ 03:49 OT.

Zino 17-10-2010 23:08:08 down
Untouchables 18-10-2010 05:12:05 down
Maraz 18-10-2010 22:34:35 down
Furiousangel (Top Vaffanculo): We heard several times marazzino wants to have us killed, so we decided to shoot first.

Sal` (Top Civella): Our bloods needed some more firepower and came to us if we would like to hop in, so we did. Thats all.

z0dy (Top Cristeria): since there was rumours maraz against our bloods, we wanted to act first and stop that crap. also as all know game was kinda locked and ppl was bored.

Dv[L]lucky (Top Untouchables): Mara being shot- we help, simple.

BioMedic (Top Fatoslocos): Fatoslocos has been represented the most in wars. When we were asked to take down another alliance-family, we were loco enough to help out.

zookeeper (Top Marazzino): mistakes teach people what moves should do next time. special thanks to UT and Krays, Rip all Marazzians.

Krays Statement: Our bloods got shot, so we had to jump in. We looked at what we could take, and what families participated. And since we love duckhunt, we shot a family of sitting ducks who found their tommyguns in this war!

/q sbanks for topstatement

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