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13-02 Memento & co/Schizo war
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 4687d 16h 9m 38s ago by Smul
Comments: 0
Views: 21,847
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Bravado, Calderone, Caliente, Conquista, Dead Rabbits, Gambino, Gravano, Gunners, Indelicato, Infragilis, Krays, Liberta, Marazzino, Memento, Pavleone, Portucalia, Pulp Fiction, Riot, Sindikat
As the night just started,we heards the gunshots thats been silent for weeks and bodies from PPI alliance also known as Schizo alliance (Portucalia, PulpFiction, Infragilis) and Memento started to go down eventually.
After that Conquista, Sindikat, Calderone got shot alongside their bloods.Apparently the shooters are Gravano, Gambino, Krays, Liberta, Riot, Marazzino, Caliente, Pavleone, Bravado. The war continues with some casualty backfires and goes smooth for the attacker side but we have a long bloody night ahead of us.

Memento and Calderone couldnt resist much of the continuous shooting by the attackers and fell down at the early morning.

Phantoms, a Philla based fam is up. Bravado moved to Pulp Fiction as they have bigger HQ now. Vaffanculo, Sparta and Lions are up also from fallen HQs.

More than one day passed from the start of the first shots, Conquista and Infragilis are still up and defending themselves. Lets see if they will be able to get through this or not.

Conquista fam went down after the last LC don Goemon got killed before he can sh or 1-bullet himself, though shooters were keeping failing to kill him last 2 days because of massive SH time and 1-bulleting and finally got him down after a long chase.

Quick Summary:

You will be informed if anything interesting happens.

Conquista 18-02-2010 08:37:13
Sindikat 14-02-2010 03:05:09
Bravado 13-02-2010 17:22:01
Portucalia 13-02-2010 17:07:49
Memento 13-02-2010 07:00:34
Calderone 13-02-2010 06:02:14
Arif (Top Memento): RIP everyone who died. Cya in Vancouver o/

kolpi (Top Gambino): We wanted to open game. And we considered all possible fams who are danger for us and decided on the fam we are shooting atm. there was nothing personal. respect both sides' warriors :)

Top statement by Krays: We shot Schizophrenia to cure Ronald of his paranoid Schizophrenia. Oh, and we took revenge for ID&T.

Mickay (Schizo Top): hell, its about time. RIP to all schizo members and everyone else involved in the conflict. It was a wonder this didn't happen sooner.

Akri (Riot Top): We got mad love for shooting.

Terencio (Portucalia Top): Well it was obvious we were next after all the problems we recently had, but we did well to come this far. However it was a honour to have been in portucalia since the start. Rip all schizo and conquista/sindikat/memento/calderone soldiers!

SergioX (Sindikat founder): Thanks to all our members, and to all bloods, we had again one great version, and i hope it will be ended soon. Im sad beacuse i didnt had much people online for this war, but how can u expect them to be online last 6 months ? :) It was too boring, and only because of machines and scripts, this game still exist :) This attack was not surprise, we all know what our aliance made during past versions ;) They all know who is their greatest problem ^^ Sindikat style forever \o/

Fiducci (Top Bravado): We just needed some spot enlargement and saw this as an option to be involved in, we also decided to help our bloods and least but not last, we also needed some fun after some boreness. RIP who died at both sides

Zookeeper (Top Marazzino): this war was unavoidable for the future of version. we always wants to be the part of version. so need to join it obtaining our desires. not only oppenent we are also struggle with admins. but it was not to much hard. rip all die honourably

/q sbanks for top statement.

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