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08-02 Internal problems in Pulp Fiction
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 5,083
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Infragilis, Portucalia, Pulp Fiction, Rebellion
After several disagreements between Pulp Fiction's tops their ex Donna Personal took it sorta personal and decided to hijack a fam.She kicked out almost all brugs+ except 1 Capodecina. She changed leave money and handed the family over to Jackflesh, an inactive Chief who hasn't on for more than 55 days. After that she left Pulp Fiction and joined Rebellion.

Shooters from the Shizo alliance (to which Pulp Fiction belongs, alongside Portucalia and Infragilis) killed Jackflesh and "PF goes down; the quickest and easiest way to get the family back into their own hands. After that kill, Benjija bought the empty headquarters, and Pulp Fiction is up again - heavily weakened by the loss of money and lots of Capodecinas.

The next day, Personal is without a family - whether she was kicked or continued her streak of "PMS behavior" and left this family too is not know yet. Around 30 hours after this all went down, Personal is on holiday mode, and cannot be shot any time soon.

Jackflesh 08-02-2010 20:22:18 Chief Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction 08-02-2010 20:22:20
Infinity (Former FL of Pulp Fiction):
Fuck me over and I will fuck you back twice as hard. Don't say I didn't warn you. Funny that you say that terencio. Schizo never was and never will be a stable alliance. You left top 2 times in the last week, and you accuse me of having no backbone? go figure...

Terencio (Portucalia top) :
It is quite unreal, what Infinity did, over a top disagreement. Goes to show her true colors and what she will do in any particular family to get her way, we will try our best to get back being stable.

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