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08-01 Gravano / IDT ++ <-> ANPT
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 19,062
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: An pt, Anpt, Anpt junior, Destination, Gravano, Indelicato, Krays, Marazzino, Pavleone, Riot, Signorias, Talamasca, Uncensored
Since they went up, ANPT had been the main topic in any rumors. But for the past week, war was actually close to surfacing, as many families were one by one drawn into the plan to take the four family powerhouse out.
Formerly known as APAS, the alliance already had their fair share of enemies, but the attackers' side consisted of more than just their enemies, but naturally also their bloods.

Gravano, the ID&T alliance (Indelicato-Destination-Talamasca), Krays, Pavleone, Marazzino, Riot and Uncensored launched their attack around 22 OT.
For this version's standards, the first wave was more successful than most expected, when a lot of shooters managed to get down their targets without dieing in their backfire. Of course their was the occasional odd case where Robs failed or really high ranked targets did not have any backfire at all, but mainly the start of the war went as it should have gone.

At no point in the war did ANTP - who were seemingly holding the game in an iron grip - really counterattack, the reason why this didn't happen is not known. Aequitas and sisfams opened fire on Talamasca thus helping their bloods ANPT. About 20 minutes after they jumped in they were getting attacked by Trafficante, and thus they backed out on jumping in. Perforta and H&G opened fire on Krays about 1 hour after the war started to protect ANPT, but as more and more ANPT bodies fell their shooting ceased to exist.

AN PT last don Fault changed the family name into Liberta and took in all Liberta rankers.

Update 14-01 15:30 O.T. ANPT handed over their spot to Guardians, who is Favians' bloods.

09-01-2010 02:50:38 Anpt junior down
09-01-2010 01:21:52 Signorias down
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