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17-12 Lucchese goes down for the third time
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 12,510
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: An pt, Anpt, Coccada, Lucchese, Signoria, Squad, Violenza
In the aftermath of the war between Lucchese's biggest bloods Vaffanculo versus Righelli and Blacklist, Lucchese stood alone and fragile. Knowing they could not have done anything for one blood without putting the other at a disadvantage, they had stayed out of the war completely, but now the members of Lucchese-Squad wanted to see blood. They felt that if Lucchese did not shoot at someone, someone was going to get them sooner or later.

Out of past experiences, Lucchese finally picked a target to shoot, Coccada. Within hours they opened fire on the New York family, and at first seemed to be somewhat successful, not losing too many in backfire and getting a reasonable amount of their targets - who had shot a lot of bullets against FaCaVa - dead.

But some hours into the war, when Coccada seemed totally bulletless and Lucchese slightly tasted unlikely victory if they could keep the momentum going, ANTP and Violenza honored their bloodship with Coccada, and shot at Lucchese. They had been no match for these families before they started the war, and even less now, and at a steady rate the families starting to take down Lucchese. It took a few hours, but eventually Epic, Lucchese's Don got killed, and without any successors left, Lucchese went down.

18-12-2009 06:27:00 Lucchese down
Raro (Top Lucchese): A black day started when the first bullet of this war was shot. Being bloods of both primary families in this war, your in a shitty position to start with.
Our bloods, know we always try everything to save our bloods, even if it kills us. We have done this so often in the past, and will also do this in the future.

It seems we're dragged into this war, like so many others, except that we don't got a good road to follow. We're on crosspoint where all options result in negative results. So we had to make a choice. Which would be the less worst result of all. This option was take out the target, who most likely will kill us short after this war, before we have grown to big for them to shoot. And yes this is an assumption, which seems to be the new thing to do in omerta. So hence we shot Coccada now, instead of being a sitting duck who is waiting till we get shot.

If we had the bullets or the man power to revenge all bloods we would have done it, but it seems we had to make a choice. This is not picking one above the other. It's picking a target who according to our feelings is our most likely enemy to shoot us.

Sorry to all bloods, who feel this is a bad choice. You have every right to hate us for it, but before you do, plz imagine yourself in our shoes. Hate us or love us, we just picked the one option which in our opinions was the best of the worsts

Rip all who died

And most of all rip to lucchese. Sorry we're going suicide on this one, but we felt we didn't had a choice.

Bones (Top Coccada): We shoot Vaffa becouse we wanted to help Righelli and ofc a little revenge from last war. We kinda expected that Lucchese would shoot us even if somehow we both tryed to forget our fighting past. But gues we cant. Rip everyone. And very big THANX to my bloods. I will start building statue as I promised =)

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