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General Comments & Major Rumors
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Easter bunny has arrived earlier to Omerta.
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Reset Announced 18/04 - New Update/Changes
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Winners of Round 13! (5.13)
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Clean Up!
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Omerta Balance Patch *UPDATE #1*
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ROYAL FLUSH! Once Again!
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Stabbings & War Plan! *UPDATED #1*
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Initiation of a Greater Plan!
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Stab Streak-k-k *Updated*
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Latest Changes in v3
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 3.0
Involved families:
In last couple of days there is significant amount of changes on Omerta. Good or bad changes, well that’s up to you to decide but at least someone is doing something.

As you may know person who was working on sleepy greasemonkey script got into crew as admin according to his profile. Probably his role will be to implement as much of sleepy features as he can.
Most of ya’ll maybe used sleepy or OBeyond, and for those this kind of native features (built it into omerta) will be prolly useful but on the other hand some might find this too boring and think that this will decrease the game playability.
At the moment none of those “features” can be disabled which is really bad thing.
Anyway I will do my best to try to inform you about changes as soon as they’re announced.
Travel page got ‘facelift’, JavaScript was removed from it, it shows more information about each city and now page is way more mobile friendly.
Fixed amount of backfire bullets is removed. You can’t select 5k, 10k & 20k backfire no more.
Travel page got improved with prices and info about high and low booze/narcs.
Backfire kills are rewarded as any regular kill. (You’ll get pocket money from attacker)
The Crime page now remembers your previous selected option.
At the nick a car page, the option with the highest success rate will be auto-selected.
Bullets page: maximum amount of bullets you are able to buy is filled in automatically (800 max.).
Bloodbank: amount of missing blood units is filled in automatically.
Garage got buttons for setting flags for cars Heist, OC/MOC and Raid.
Bank got buttons for Deposit all and Withdraw all money.

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