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07-09 Uncensored down
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 7,812
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Anadolu, Annapolis, Calogero, Fetish, Natarelli, Prestige, Signoria, Tremps, Uncensored
After a couple of weeks after the last war, Uncensored is being shot at the very moment, the war started at 22:30 OT.
Amongst the defenders the names of the attacking families are unsure as they claim that there may be around six families (Signoria, Tremps, Favians, Turkuz, Fetish and one more which has become unclear) *Update* Plus APA, as there has been found a WS* assuming so. The reasons? Unknown so far, Uncensored top said that the reasons were not known, could be the past, object, spot, or whatever.
Many Uncensored members are offline which will make the comeback pretty difficult to happen.

To be updated as soon as things become clear.

It seems like attacking families are:

(*) You have witnessed Silent kill Zipah

Lin (Uncensored Top): Rip all Uncensored soldier, proud of you once again! We had a bad start (with greco suiciders n00bs) and bad end with go down before do nice things this version. But thats the game. At least we had and will always have fun and proud to have such amount of good and loyal rankers as you.
Too bad we were with too less peepz online to do some damage back and with pre-shots our offline peepz were easy to end.
@ the shooter gratz with this war with less lost. Whatever the reason was, spot, objects, problems in past. You did what you wanted and did it with less lost. Too bad 9 fams had to shoot vs 1 but thats omerta nowadays we will come back one day.

/q Lamark for top statments

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