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[UPDATE] War against scripters
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 13,811
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.8a
Involved families:
New format for the adminkills.
It's possible we've missed some information or mis-placed it. Feel free to PM any of us on IRC about it, please do not spam it here, keep it on topic (and decently).

First war against scripters, most of the first few pages of Assassins and Swindlers dead, delaying the start of the first families.

Second day of war on the scripters, a total of 618 scripters caught.
Admins released a 'Top Statement', announcing that going to #help and denying cheating would be in vain.

Teckna (Omerta Admin): Those of you killed in this action - if you are already reading this, of reading it on one of your cheat sites or in IRC - Welcome! (to the afterlife). Please don't try to bother us on IRC you will get short shrift. NO you were not 'an honest player'. NO we don't beleive you. NO you won't
get revived.

Today, it seems cristal clear that admins would not stay quiet and watch scripters take over the version, as 28 Assassins and 14 Swindlers die from injuries caused by mass tomato throwing.

Just when scripters thought they were in the clear, a week after the last adminkills, several Assassins and Swindlers, mainly from Righelli and Lucchese, are busted and killed.

The first big war of the version is fought between the admins and rankers from Lucchese, Fatoslocos and Manipulate. Some other families are reportedly involved as well.
The war is organized very well, and must have been in the planning for many days. It is certainly no easy task to track all members and their whereabouts, so they can be killed off fast. And fast it was! All three families were down mere seconds after the start, with the majority of the highranks killed off, without so much as a single backfire kill. Some might question the KA.
Anyway, hopefully this war ends the stalemate and opens up the version again, as Lucchese, being the strongest family at the time, is no longer a threat to the other families.
We are now only left to wonder which family the Mighty Admins will devour next. Will it be Conflict, a perpetual thorn in the admins' eye, or will it be some of the families run by Turkish players. Who knows!
Nuevitas, which started 15 minutes after the tomato throwing ended, is also taken down, with obscure reasoning.

Conflict, Pasajero, Righelli, Nuevitas 3
Malvagio, Provenzano, Selvatica 2
Anadolu, Castiglia, Coccada, Corozzo, Dozens, Ilteber, Krays,
Manipulate, Requena, Trafficante 1
No family 3

77 Scripters killed, from now on it seems whenever capos get killed on the pillory, their spot is lost, regardless whether a successor is set or not.

Three weeks after Admins took out Lucchese, Nuevitas, Manipulate and Fatoslocos, Corona is getting hit the hardest by Admins and their tomatoes.

Yet another war on the scripters, Hells Angels down by tomatoes.

Several capos and Dons taken out by Admins, most noticable is Promo, Godfather of Malvagio.

A small war on the admins compared to other days, but enough impact enough. Highest ranked kills are only Chiefs, making us wonder, are the admins really on the winning side, by making more and more players either stop playing or turning to fair play? Time will tell.

Ten days after the last war, admins strike again. This time it's mostly "middle-ranks", only a few LC+ dieing, as well as few capos or objectholders falling to the tomatoes this time.

After 7 days without akills, admins strike again. Mostly on Lucchese highranks. Around 30 guys were akilled in this 'war'.

It happened again. In this round only few Lc+ got some tomatoes on their faces, and the rest, most of them were famless. And the number is getting smaller. Is this the end of scripters? Or admins just can't fight them?

After Christmas and before New Year in most of the Countries, admins strike again! In this round, only 0-5 Lc+ got akilled. Oky (shop - famless), is the guy/acc getting akilled of 2008. Congratz.
Happy New Year all too.

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