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12-10 Zoo <-> Notte
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 8,980
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Version: 2.8a
Involved families: Kerberos, Notte, Provenzano, Zoo
It was a nice Sunday evening, while all people in the city were having their coffees and chatting around. Suddenly the city was covered in gun smoke, and bullets were flying towards Notte.

The last deaths list was covered with blood of Zoo and Notte gangsters all over, as it seems all Zoo members shot a one higher rank which shows that they went into a bloody suicide mission.

The reason of this war was the death of Dopedog, a Zoo member who got killed by a Notte member yesterday.

According to Zoo, Notte refused to inkill that member but was okay with compensation money for Dopedog. After having some talks between them, Zoo realized that Notte would never inkill, so they pulled out their guns and took their revenge.

Apparently Dopedog was killed because a fake Notte Top ordered him to be killed.

In the end, both families died.

Notte 12-10-2008 18:27:50
Lazial (Zoo Top):First of all rip to all animals from the Zoo.
Reason for this war is pretty simple. Eye for two, tooth for a jaw.Anyway not gonna write long n boring stuff like people usually do when they are dead … Just gonna say to Notte: “If you wanna play the game, play it by the book. Or else … Eh, animals are always ready to be fed :D”

Rigazotti (Zoo Top):I'm sorry this had to happen...Since Selvatica our closest blood lost the most, since we were both their bloods, but there was no other way. They shot Dopedog and refused to inkill the guy who shot him.

Demordian(Notte Top): What is the meaning of suicide? When people suicides ? Do confident and powerful ones suicide ? Is a suicide a victory or complete failure? I think proud people ask those questions to themselves and be proud of themselves when they did something more than suicide. As for war reason sorry for suiciding reason , all can read the log posted below to see the truth.
As for Notte Family which is built more than 10 times , we have a strict crew who are dedicated to each other , one body , one intention , one aim. Ofc the fams who gather his crew from streets or from 7312873213189312 different fams couldnt understand that and they may act like today for a few people's personal greed. For the 120 zoo members who will login tomorrow and will see "You are dead" , i m really sorry , some people didnt think about you.

Attacker(Notte Top): As you all see, the reason of this war just egos of Zoo tops. The difference between them and us is so simple; we tried to save our 1 member and they tried to kill their all members. Anyway rip both Notte and Zoo members. And ofc our respect goes to our great bloods. And we wonder that if logs disturb someone ?

Morti(Provenzano Boss): Notte asked us to help after they were attacked, we ofcourse said yes.

Peelen (Kerberos Top): We just shot for our bloods.

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