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17-08 West <-> Legionare
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 3,432
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.8
Involved families: Legionare, West
Just after seconds Kurosawa fell, war started between West crime family and Legionare crime family, who started. It is still unknown and if it has something to do with the dead of Kurosawa time will tell

17-08-08 00:23:10 War Starts
Dogukan(West Top): at first we don't have any problem with legionare, west is still has no problem with them. I gave a word to kurosawa about let them set up and protect them. I'm not Tony Montana but i can't broke my word too : ) . So i kept my word and did all for them. rip all who died.

Bakisha (Legionare Top): From the past happenings we knew West will shoot us if we shoot kurosawa... West probably taken Kurosawa as their new bloods because Kurosawa used to have and object (BJ - Corleone)which is in Guardians possesion now, and they thought they can get it back by their "manipulating skills". Using their manipulating skills they damaged Legionare for millions, and couple of highranks. We are talking about manipulating skills in REAL LIFE and Omerta. Kurosawa tops knew one Legionare top irl, and they have used it well to get what they wanted. they even set up the whole thing about racism and killings between Sindikat and Noslorenzo, because we were bloods with Sindikat, and they wanted to pull both of us down, so they can rise up. They managed to pull Sindikat down, but not Legionare too! As soon as Kurosawa was up, we reacted quickly, and shot them down. That was our revenge for Sindikat and ourselves' souls :) After that West shot us down, as we were too weak and not ready to strike back.

/q anyone with acces for top statements

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