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17-09 New Heist
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 2.7
Involved families:
People were doing heists for ks and rank progress in the past versions, however, later heists turned out be the major money source. Nowadays, KS isnt problem at all as it was before. At the middle of the 2.7, the current version, the heist system is changed drastically again. Leader gets all outcome of the heist, while it was automaticly shared between leader and driver. Also it is not as often as it was to get millions from heists. The model of the car was affecting the heist before, so there were "best heist cars" lists, in which you can see Bugatti Tank or Duesenberg SJ etc.. We couldnt realize it for sure whether the model of car affects the outcome or not. and we also arent sure if it is possible to get big moneys from heists. Therefore, we examined the new heist system for you.

Fist I talked with #booze/narc and Feds operator Axess,

Barcelona: Which do you prefer to get from heist? KS, Bullet, Money?
Axess: bullets but it depends on your rank I guess.. if I were low ranked I'd rather have cash or KS
Barcelona: Do you enjoy the different and various Heist Scenarios?
Axess: hmm the old ones were getting a bit dull, and I think these are nice for a change.. but they'll bore us soon enough I guess its good that it does make a difference in what you put in now
Barcelona: What do you think about the sharing of outcome? Should it be even or in favor of the leader?
Axess: well the leader usually puts in more than a cheap car the driver generally puts in.. so the leader should be in favor a tad bit
Barcelona: Do you have any suggesstions about the new heists?
Axess: I want the villa heist back ^^
Barcelona: Did you like the new heist system in general?
Axess: I think it's better than the one we had before, but still not perfect.. I dont like heisting as high rank, but if I were lower I think I'd like it

After, time for crew.
I asked same questions to Brando and Oyaji. They explain everything about the new heist system.

Barcelona: Why did you change the heist system?
Brando: Well for a combination of simple reasons. What I wanted to tell you is that v2 heists, added in v2.3 were coded so that you could simply ADD a new scenario as you wished but that did not work well so reason one was: the tech needed replacing with something more user-friendly.
Reason 2 was that because of reason 2 no new scenarios had been added - so we thought that they were too boring.
Reason three is that the players could more or less choose the scenarion they wanted - or narrow the choice at least - by using a specific type of car, number of bullets, rank of partner etc That has now been TOTALLY changed. You ALWAYS get a random scenario and depending on what you put in you get a different result
Oyaji: This is a long story and I think I best point you to a forumpost where I explained this before (the rest of the post might help you with your article as well). The post can be found in the 'Out with the Old, In with the New' newspost, and a link to the correct page is included in the original post.

Barcelona: How many different scenarios are there?
Brando: There are now 100 scenarios (new scenarios add always, its why Oyaji said 71)
Oyaji: We launched the test with 71 different scenarios (though some might appear to be copies of another one at first sight, they include completely different endings). More scenarios were added today and the system behind the heists was specifically created to be able to add and remove heists on the fly, so an answer to this question will soon be outdated.

Barcelona: What is the biggest prize in the new heists?
Brando: I won't tell you. it is a lot higher than any previous prize though Heists now earn more money than anything - potentially.
Oyaji: When you wrote this message the maximum possible outcome was 3,600,000. Since changes today the new record is 6,600,000. Since we can change prizes and endings on the fly as well the same applies as for point 2): an answer to this question is soon outdated.

Barcelona: Is there a special reason for leader having all outcome but not sharing in contrast to before?
Brando: No, none at all. It could even be oversight on our part. We were discussing making a bit of 'autosplitter' a moment ago. We may well do that.
Oyaji: Yes there is. Having to negotiate, calculate and execute sharing promotes more communication between users. This is after all a multiplayer game, so the more contact there is between players the better. Only the leader getting prizes and the possibility of him running away with all the money create some tension as well, which could have further consequences, which adds an extra dimension to the whole thing.

Barcelona: In 2.3, you can get nice things with a 2 seated car... Is it again like that?
Brando: Not yet.
Oyaji: I am not quite sure what your question means. As for cars; have a look at point 6 below.

Barcelona: Does Race Form or hammer affect the heists? Is there any special hint you want to share with us?
Brando: Race form definitely. Hammer... well I will say that you are 'warm' but not correct ;) I can add one thing as well.
Oyaji: Race form does (for the driver). Hammer doesn't. Other factors of inluence are the leader's kill skill and of course whether you use a real or fake gun, if and how many bullets you use, and the car.
A fast car with enough room to accommodate both participants could lead to better endings.

Brando: Another big reason for replacing heists is to give a further test to Ozone - Omerta's Object Oriented PHP class for the development of v3 Omerta.

I want say thank you to Axess, Oyaji and Brando. They were realy busy but we take their time for that article and thanks to my friend Wakabayashi for helping me.

Oyaji: Enjoy the game.


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