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24-07 Hack: Anotherty down
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 2,622
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.7
Involved families: Anotherty

Anothertys don Blue (Enya)RIP was hacked this morning. The hacker removed all successors, and suicided at Nevermore (Sepiroth)RIP from Chaos. So once more 2 high accounts fell by a hacker, and family was lost.
It seems like somebody wants to influence on the Baltimorefams., because once more it was a fam. from Baltimore, which was hacked, and the hacker suicided on another Baltimorefam. (like in the case with BwaRIP and EnergyfreakRIP).
Further more Tombstone (Cuore) was hacked too, but was lucky enough to log in in time to prevent another hacker-story. When he logged in 10 mio. was transfered to his account from the fam.bank, and dets. were running at Hell (Righelli).
Slowie (Tempestuoso) was hacked as well and had dets. running at Tombstone (Cuore) and Hell (Righelli).
The big question is "What will the admins do"??? Will they continue to let the game be influenced by hackers, when it obvious, that somebody is trying to change the way the game involves with specific targets (fams.), or will they change the policy, so it doesn't pay off to hack? Right now, it's an effective weapon to use, if you can figure out how to hack or put a keylogger at somebodys computer. Should it be like that?
These recent hacks have all been on experienced players, who have played for several versions and know, that they should be carefull with passes, because they have heard it a 100 times before. Furthermore Slowie is don of Tempestuoso who was involved in the first hack incident, so it's not very likely, she wouldn't have been carefull with her pass. So it seems more and more less likely, that it's the player, who has got to be blamed in these cases - it looks like somebody has hacked or got access to the user password database.
The question remains unanswered so far!

With the current situations going on on omerta, some families have decided to state, that they are against the policy as it is atm. If you support this idea and/or your family does, you can add this pic. to the fam.page:

[07:58:09] [Tombstone] when i logged in i noticed that 10 million has been transferred from fam bank to me
[07:59:14] [Tombstone] dets were on hell
[08:21:07] [slowie] 400 detectives are looking for Tombstone in New York. 0:30 time left on their contract.
[08:21:08] [slowie] 600 detectives are looking for Hell in Philadelphia. 0:31 time left on their contract.
[08:21:08] [slowie] 200 detectives are looking for Tombstone in New York. 0:31 time left on their contract.

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