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16-07 Are you having problems with your omerta lately?
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 1,789
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.7
Involved families:
Lately there has been alot of problems with the servers of omerta. This leads to white pages, getting kicked out of the game and more. I think most of you have know what I’m talking about cause it’s been going on for a few days now.

Is there a reason for all this? It seems the Devs are recording new heists and they use the game server for that wich leads to slowmerta. So instead of working for the ppl who play this game and repairing this server problem devs prefer to work on the new heists and let players be troubled with all these problems. Then what is the use on working on the heists when ppl can’t play the game seriously cause it’s too slow. As the servers support the game as well as they support the heists. Don’t bother going to #help cause if you go to help you get the same answer as always, devs are working on it.

They should think about this and should change their costumers policy cause this is not a very friendly poclicy.

Let's hope this article wakes up the right ppl so that they restore omerta's services and that everyone can enjoy the game again.


A few comments of players from different countries.

Davydenko (Belgium): I'm having alot of problems last few days. I miss flights, b/n runs, bullet deals. I'm playing for a year now and this never happened before so it can't be my computer.

Nightmare (Portugal): I'm having alot of white screens when i'm playing on www2 or www3 wich makes it harder to play. Only www is ok most of the time. During the day i need like 6 seconds to open my status page and more then 10 seconds for a bullet code. And i have ADSL 4mb without any problem in any page of www only on omerta

Also ppl from england have been witnessing these problems although it doens't count for everyone some ppl in these countries can play normally.
[Teckna] if the problem is really wide spread, I would have definitely heard about it
[Davy|Tv] check fingon's
[Teckna] and this is actually the first time I have heard about it
[Teckna] I dont really care about fingon's site :)
[Teckna] that site is ment to provoke
[Teckna] and I will keep ignore that site untill they stop provoking :)
[Davy|Tv] well there is a topic about the speed problems
[Davy|Tv] By Skive on 17-07-07 13:25
[Davy|Tv] You guys aren't the only ones :x
[Davy|Tv] I to suffer from white pages... very annoying when approving bookies and stuff :x
[Davy|Tv] By Trouble on 16-07-07 20:37
I'm playing in England and ever since the reset it has been terrible here. I know for sure there is no problems with my internet connection as the admins have suggested on one ticket i read. The most affected pages seem to be the staus page and jail and bullets pages. Also it takes at least 10 seconds to load my garage page. It seems stupid to me that devs are wasing time on things like new heists, translating to different l
Another interesting point is that i submitted a ticket to ask if we were entitled to a refund on donating codes as we clearly are not getting value for money right now. I made the ticket public, but the admins decided not to make it public, obviously they knew that more people would be questioning wether or not we are getting the serive we pay for.
[Teckna] goodbye :)
[Davy|Tv] what
[Teckna] I am not going to listen to a site, nor do I wish to see the content of this site :)
[Davy|Tv] lol
[Teckna] like I said, this site is only there to provoke
[Davy|Tv] it's an opinion of ppl who responded to a topic
[Teckna] I dont really care what is on that site
[Teckna] everything written there is for me non existant :)
[Davy|Tv] so does that mean you don't care about the hundrerds of players who are involved on the site
[Teckna] I dont care about fingon's site :)
[Teckna] I boycott that site:)
[Teckna] when all those 100's of players would come to me here, I will care
[Davy|Tv] and what about the ppl who give their opinions there
[Teckna] not on some site where the soul purpose is to run amok :)
[Davy|Tv] oki
[Teckna] like I said, the soul purpose of that site is to run amok and provoke

Yo Teckna, how about you lose some weight?! -XxX- Sbanks.

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