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21-04 Article : Interview with a scripter
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 25,117
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families:
After a (very) long wait, here it finally is. Read about the deeper secrets of scripting, about the stuff admins don't want you to know, directly from the mouth of a scripter (yes yes sensationalism pwnz). The identity of the scripter will remain secret, and no, it's not me ;)

Fingon : Ok, let's get started. First of all, there still seem to be some people who don't know what a script is or how it works. Could you give a brief explanation?
Anonymous : Scripts are auto rankers. They are faked browsers in fact, so it looks you are ranking normally trough IE or FF.

Fingon : So do you just set up the script and walk away, or does it still require some effort?
Anonymous : You just push the start button really, and you wake up with a new rank ^^ It's rather simple. But of course this depends on the different scripts out there. They work in different ways, some are better than others, and some are easier to use then others.

Fingon : So there's more than 1 script? How much scripts do you think are "out there" now?
Anonymous : I know 4-5 scripts out there which are active, so they are much more common than people think.

Fingon : Hmm, can you give some numbers about that? Like, how many people were using your script?
Anonymous : Let me check... around 30, more or less. But not all are active members. We are a very small script group though, I know scripts with 200+++ users out there ^^

Fingon : Wow that's a lot. Do you know if there are scripters on the first page of all users?
Anonymous : I don't know who is on the first page at the moment. But I bet there are scripters among them. Especially in the beginning of a version, then probably the 40 first are scripters. There are of course also very many remote desktop cheaters who are also high up. [Explanation : sharing without the chance of getting caught, by logging in onto eachother's computer, so the ip adress stays the same.]

Fingon : Don't you think normal people can rank that fast on their own, so without scripting or sharing?
Anonymous : Some people almost can match a script (sometimes). And well, if a normal dude can rank 50 hours in one go then I'm sure its possible. :p

Fingon : How long have you been writing scripts?
Anonymous : Too long :p

Fingon : Why did you do it in the first place?
Anonymous : I'm not sure really. It all started back in the old days. I made a simple ocr, and then I got involved into scripts. After you tried a script once, you get addicted to it. It's hard, if not impossible, to go back to normal ranking. So I made an ocr, and got involved into the developing process of making scripts.

Fingon : So you're saying that there are more people who work together to make a script ?
Anonymous : It depends I guess. I personally like working together with other people. But there are also people who make a script alone, of course.

Fingon : How much effort and time goes into making a script?
Anonymous : You can make a script in one weekend if you want. It all depends on how advanced you want the script to be.

Fingon : Say, as advanced as yours.
Anonymous : Well god knows man. Development on it has been off / on for like a couple years. It's not like we use every waking hour on this. I see it more like a hobby. These days I work 3-4 hours each month on it or so, if it's even that much.

Fingon : Is it always the same program you use? Because I imagine that each time the anti-script codes change, or some of the source code of Omerta gets altered, you have to rewrite your program.
Anonymous : It's still the same code as we started with. But of course changes in omerta also meant that we needed to recode some parts of our script. Though omerta hardly changes anything, hehe ^^

Fingon : So if the current anti-script codes change again, you'll have to spend a couple more hours a month on it again. Or am I wrong?
Anonymous : It depends if you have an ocr, or a typer system. If you have a typer system and the captcha's change, then it's up and going again after a few minutes of recoding. But if you have an ocr then you almost certainly need to rewrite everything. [Explanation : an ocr means that the computer will recognize the codes without human intervention. A typer means that users type the codes for eachother, so in a way you can rank 24 hours while only typing codes for 1 hour.]

Fingon : Ok, something else now. Were you (or any of your users) ever caught by the admins?
Anonymous : Well yeah, some of our users have been caught yes, it happens. The main reason is mistakes from our side. For example, I used to have it so that members could configure their own User Agent thingy. I believe 2-4 people got akilled because of screwups there ^^ But we changed that now, we wanted the script to be 'stupid proof'. Those events are a long time ago btw.

Fingon : Were you personally ever caught? And did you admit to it then, or did you keep denying it?
Anonymous : Yup I was caught once. We suspected the google cookie stuff for this, if you know of that. Anyway many none scripters died with me that day, so I guess many adblockers did block this google cookie stuff as well. Though yeah I also admitted it more or less. But I think that was a mistake, since a few of the people who were killed got revived ^^ Even though the admins said they were 110% sure that those people were scripting. But well you know, I lost one account. It's not much considering that I had like 8 chief++ accounts in this version alone. [Explanation : the google cookie is a cookie added by google analytics to the standard sessionid. As this is a very complicated cookie, most scripts did not implement it, but normal browsers of course did that standard. So admins now had a way to distinguish scripters from normal people (or so they thought), and akilled a bunch of suspects. They however did not consider that populer tools like Adblock also block this google cookie (because google is basically spying on you with that cookie), making innocent people look like scripters in the admin's eyes. After a lot of complaints from the killed innocent people the admins realized their mistake, and quietly revived quite a lot of the people they had akilled.]

Fingon : Did you think while making the script that Omerta could ever become game of scripts, not players, and would you like that?
Anonymous : Well people play for different reasons - but if everyone also scripted it would't be fun either. I'm against all these very huge scripts going on.

Fingon : Do you take pleasure in killing fair rankers using scripted accounts?
Anonymous : I can't say I think about it. Whether they are fair rankers or scripters doesn't matter much to me in a war. I do understand that people think this is very unfair, scripters who kill people who spent a lot of time ranking. And I believe so too, it is unfair. But I like this script making, its a hobby which I enjoy.

Fingon : Do you make money out of it?
Anonymous : Nope, I don't take payment for what I do.

Fingon : Are you proud of what you did throughout the years, or are there things you regret?
Anonymous : Well the people seem to enjoy using my script. And I get treated rather nicely because of letting them be there. So guess I that yeah, I'm kinda proud of it. I've got no regrets about anything I did, I had a good time on Omerta.

Fingon : Why are you giving it up now, why are you retiring?
Anonymous : I'm not permanently retiring, I still like to code stuff now and then. But I'm not really going to care as much about all the ingame stuff anymore. I've got other stuff in mind instead of spending many hours on irc and doing family stuff.

Fingon : Hehe you didn't write a script for that? :P
Anonymous : My script handles more or less everything there is to handle, about ingame things. But you still need to play the game you know. Stuff like making wars, bloods, discussing etc etc can't be done by a script, you still have to spend time on that.

Fingon : Suppose I want a script, can I come and ask you for one?
Anonymous : Yes you could, but I only let friends in. And you should have some basic data skills. I actually had to explain to someone how to edit a text file. Or how to join different irc servers and shit. If you dont know stuff like that, I don't want to have you. I don't want 20 people who don't understand how things work. People like that just get the others akilled.

Fingon : To conclude, why did you give this interview?
Anonymous : Lol, I forgot why. I'm sure there was a nice reason when I asked. It was probably something like "will be fun, let's do it". And annoy some admins and shit ^^ But I don't think admins really care about scripters that much. They buy donate codes just like normal members.

Fingon : Would the admins care more if people donate less, because there are too much scripters?
Anonymous : Most people don't know how many in fact are scripting. I believe that's mostly because of the anti-script codes they got. They're too hard for most people to crack. So scriptmakers rather want many members to come and type instead, and the more that type, the better it is. So it's an evil loop for the admins, who are supposed to catch these people. As far as I know they used 2 days to discuss if they were even akilling all those people that were caught in the big scripter bust [07-02 The War Against Cheaters]. And in my opinion scripters make this game fun. You see, normal people bundle up together to protect their accounts. But scripters don't care so much about their accounts and dare to attack and make some noise in the omerta world. Without us scripters, this game would be pretty boring.

Fingon : Ok, that's an interesting point of view to end with. Thanks a lot for having this interview!
Anonymous : No problem.

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