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16-03 Ingame money through the roof
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 2.5
Involved families:
An notable event happened yesterday and today, namely an incredibly large increase in the total amount of pocketmoney in the game (this is just the money people have in their pockets, the total amount of pocket+banked money is not shown in omerta's statistics).
This can be seen in the following 2 screenshots :




As seen in the latter, the situation is now back to normal, though we are all left puzzled at what happened. Who could be so rich that he has an UNSIGNED_INT (4,294,967,295) amount of money?
Also very notable is a drop of rougly 250M at about 22:30 OT.

Another VERY disturbing graph is this one, especially coupled with what Ms. Anonymous says :
Anonymous: There was a bug in the game, don't know exactly what, but one user received all 4 billion+ of it. That player gave some out to friends etc, and kept the rest. He was handing out tens of millions at a time. An interesting point is this. . it was during the Underdogs/Shadows war. He sent some to some Underdogs members to buy themselves out of the family and safehouse until something could be done to help them. Of course, they all got pilloried for it anyway in the end. Don't know who did what, but I know a couple of those Bug abusers on pillory were in on it. Also, I know that some of the people who received parts of the cash as handouts, were admin punished to recover the cash from them. [Note : this is about the first "peak"]

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