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04-08 Plating War!
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16-07 The two first families!
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01-08 Pre-plating update..
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Welcome to Round #31
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18-06 Plating ends, so there's war.
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Pre-plating update..
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First families..
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Welcome to Round #30
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23-02 More changes
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 2.5
Involved families:
2 changes were made in the game today :

New Fora

The fora were changed to a copy of the .dm style fora, resembling the old style but not quite. A side-effect is that all topics from before the change are gone. And though they are still kept in a seperate Forum section (for now), access to old RIP-forums has become impossible, unless you have time to skim through over 40,000 unsorted topics.
Other changes include a removal of the edit function, and a further cascade of the \' bug. Also smileys are gone.
Brando : New Fora are FASTER and should not get RANDOMLY ERASED. Also you cannot edit your posts any longer because people were ABUSING THAT (Numpties!)

Slashes and images

Most of the old stuff of the forums is back now, except for smilies and the edit function. However smilies are planned as well. In Calis' own words :
Support for the image tag has been added to the new forums, and the problem with slashes (appears) to be fixed, along with a few asthetic tweaks like showing the postcount, and adding the navbar to the top and bottom of the screen.
What more would you like to see? And what smilies (perhaps in addition to the old ones) would you like to see? Reply here and let us know ;)

Bodyguards are looking nervous...

Despite numorous complaints in past versions when the admins changed the KA mid-game, they did it again. To be fair, it's not known yet whether the KA actually changed, but since the bodyguards have an influence in the KA and since they can now 'die' too, it's reasonable to assume that at least something is different now.

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