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23-02 Pavleone <-> Castellano
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 1,152
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Version: 2.5
Involved families: Calamari, Castellano, Evolution, Pavleone
Serious article :

Castellano got killed today by Pavleone, who were backed up by shooters from Calamari/Evolution. Castellano was one of the weaker families in NY. The war doesn't seem to have a big reason, just shooting a small family to get some war experience and have some fun.

Castellano had been up for over 6 weeks already, and never showed much sign of growth. Not a threat to anyone, but taking up spots in a crowded city.

The attacking families have no losses whatsoever, and the whole war takes just a little over 2 minutes, which signifies good organization on the side of the attackers.

Funny perspective :

Today Pavleone (still seen as a virgin till today) and Calamari/Evolution got laid on Castellano. As most impotent men, they did the job within seconds, without any damage. Reason is that pavleone top saw the movie american pie, and def. wanted to do something about them being a virgin.

Now they've tasted from high flights, we wonder what is next. Intresting fact: the only bloods from castellano remaining is Hellsangels - who suicided for bruinsma 2 months ago - claiming on this site that they always die for bloods.

1] Deltafire - pavleone top -, claims that Ilimitada planned to shoot along, but they withdrawed a few days prior, since they have some plans on their own.
2] Most evolution/calamari shooters, shot their bullets from inside Pavleone, since they did not want to get any attention regarding this war. Unfortunately for them, the writer of this article was live on stage.
Deltafire (Pavleone top): We took Castellano out in couple of minutes without any losses and create space for fams who can actually reach something and don't b00n around in NY.

Hollowpoint (Evolution top): The 3 Shooters Only That Shot In Pavleone Are Not Even Original Calamari/Evolution Members.

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