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25-01 Memento <-> Merovingians + Montecito
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 2.5
Involved families: Memento, Merovingians, Montecito
This night around 3:30 OT Memento took down Merovingians + Montecito in a well prepared action. Merovingians and Montecito were mostly offline at that time, because none of the plans had leaked and no rumours were going about.

The preshooting started at 3:30 OT, where Memento lost 1 LC. The real killing was done 15 minutes later, immediately taking down both Merovingians and Montecito, followed by a couple of hours of cleaning up the rest of the highranks. The war was over 4 hours after the start of it.

None of Merovingian's bloods helped them, because they either were blooded with Memento too or they were not online at the time of the war. Merovingian's pact with Gazarri was broken a few days earlier, so they couldn't expect any help from that side either.
Hansmanian (Memento consig) We shot Merovingians for a few reasons. Primarily, they shot at scu. Also we saw them as a threat if they teamed up with a few other fams. And they had some nice objects too which was a bonus.
We didn't have as much shooters online as I had hoped for, we fought with about 15 people. But we had prepared it well the last few days, and attacked on a time they would be offline. And we were a bit lucky to get both Merovingians' succesors in the first wave.
We lost 1 LC, he preshot a chief with 10k which was not too smart. But overall it went very nice.
Furthermore, we made some inquiries with Gazarri. They had an argument with Merovingians and splitted so we expected them to stay neutral.

Mieke (Merovingians donna) Gazarri made a choice not to help, they made the same choice in the last war. We had other ideas about helping bloods. But we can't speak for them :) Most of our other bloods are also bloods with Memento, so they couldn't help either. And i guesss that at that hour there are not many people online.

Misstique (Merovingians sotto) We split up with Gazarri due to a difference of opinion in how to play the game. Other than that, it's sad that Memento shot us while we where offline :(

Dw (Gazarri don) At the time of the attack, we were sleeping.. Merovingian's donna tells stories that we were online, but that's not true. Some say Gazarri has almost entire Omerta as bloods, and that we let our bloods die. I can't and won't say that we don't have many bloods. But Merovingians was NOT our blood. It was their own decision not to be bloods with Gazarri/Salvato anymore. They just had the same bloods as us, nothing more nothing less. So there was no reason for us to help them. Besides that, they left Gazarri without even telling us about it. One simple ingame msg would have been enough. Not that we could do anything anyway, we were offline ;)
Blame us for being chickens or whatever you want, but make sure you heard both sides of the story ;) And not only the story you know the best. Stay objective before making your own name bad by telling things you don't even know about.
I'm proud to have been Merovingian (capo / Successor) for 2 years.

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