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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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24-01 Origin takes over Vycarious
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 2.5
Involved families: Origin , Vycarious
A confusing situation in Vycarious unfolded. Hyobanshi, one of the tops of Vycarious but not very highranked, asked during the SCU war if they could give some help to SCU. At that time, the only person in Vycarious who had a decent rank was Igloo, Chief and don.
According to Hyobanshi, Igloo agreed to help out SCU, but he never shot after all. Igloo disagrees with that, saying that he was only there to help out Vycarious (which had a serious lack of highranks), and not to suicide for them. In the end only Hyobanshi and another lowrank shot for SCU, whereby Hyobanshi died in Halfreka's backfire (an Origin top) without killing him.

Hyobanshi was not happy at all with Igloo's behaviour, and sent out a crewmessage to the family ordering all members to attack Origin. One must realize though that Igloo was the only one in Vycarious who could do some damage, the other members were too lowranked. Hyobanshi 's motivation for the crewmessage was to let Vycarious die and make Igloo pay for not shooting.

After getting word about the crewmessage, Origin put detectives on Igloo and preshot him. Luckely for Igloo he came online just at that time and went to talk to Origin, explaining that he had nothing to do with the crewmessage and would not shoot at Origin. To ensure this, Origin sent over a Chief to Vycarious to keep an eye on things, and Igloo left the family and went to Valerio. So effectively, Origin had now taken over the Vycarious spot.

Hyobanshi was not happy with this either, and frantically went searching for somebody willing to take down Freakzor, Vycarious' new don.

Update : And apparently he found somebody like that a few days later. Freakzor was killed, and that means the end of Vycarious.
Rekas (Origin top) In the middle of SCU War Hyobanshi (vycarious sotto) shot and died in bf of an Origin top without killing, he came to talk to us and said he couldn't watch his old family getting shot without him helping. Origin didn't care about the matter. The next day a top of Vycarious says Hyobanshi sent a CM in Vycarious saying they were in war with Origin and that he left to make a new family cause he didn't want to stay in Vycarious. We put detectives on Igloo, Vycarious' don at the time and we pre-shoot. However he then comes online and appears in our public channel. Says he didn't know about any war and didn't wanted to loose his account, because he was just helping his friends and in fact he wanted to go to Valerio. In order not to kill him we sent a Chief to Vycarious as don and we keep that family alive to see what we can do with it in the future. Hyobanshi never came talk to Origin nor other Vycarious top, but i know he is looking for a suicidal account to shoot down Vycarious.

Hyobanshi (Vycarious sotto) It all started with the SCU War. Because SCU helped us to get Vycarious up, I asked during the war "shall we help?". They said yes, and I told that in our top channel, and told to others to attack. They didn't disagree, even Igloo said he'd pick a target. But he never did. So me and some other dude were the only ones that shot. I died in backfire of Halfreka (just a random target). The next day, Halfreka went to Igloo to talk. Stupid as Igloo is, he told stuff from the top channel, and so I knew we were fucked.
So I talked with Ijswater (old consigliere), and he agreed to tell people to kill Origin, and let our fam die, kinda to pay Igloo back for his stupidity. I myself went to work [real-life], and when I came online the next day I saw that Igloo had left and I myself was dead. So I really want Vycarious dead now.

Igloo (Vycarious don) The stuff that I leaked was that Hyobanshi sent the CM saying we were at war (when we weren't) and I told it to Rekas. I was only supposed to be HELPING Vycarious when i was don, not suicide for it.

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