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23-01 Absolom <-> Lamanonera
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 2.5
Involved families: Lamanonera
The 1 LC, 1 spot family Lamanonera, based in Corleone, is killed. Thespaniard was the don and only victim. All other members of the family are Thief or lower and find refuge in other families.

There is a full and interesting story behind this matter, well explained by Linda.

Thespaniard 23-01-2007 00:35:48 Local Chief Lamanonera
Linda (?) LaManoNera was killed by Absolom, one of the two families that started in Corleone after scu died and left Corleone empty, after a dispute about the spots they "claim" have right too after a dodgy agreement with portucalya to split the spots half way. At first LaManoNera didn't get permission because of that to start in Corleone. But thanks to some connections Ilria gave them permission to start in Corleone as long as LaManoNera would stay away from Portucalya. So they picked a spot left in the middle of both. But immediately after buying the spots Absolom complained to Thespaniard about buying that spot without permission. Thespaniard said that Ilria gave them permission, Portucalya belongs to Ilria so Ilria does have a say in the matter even though Absolom denies that, but Absolom insisted on that agreement they had with Portucalya. It didn't matter to them that the agreement was unfair and dishonest. They insisted and demanded 6 spots and not less.
The next day Absolom went to Ilria about it and they let Absolom kill LaManoNera. Ilria who had given the permission in the first place told afterwards that Thespaniard should have said that it was a spot of Ilria... they tell him that after he died instead of when they gave the permission. Everyone can think what they want about the families, but not till they know the whole story which is that what I just told. Don't wreck the name of a family because of appearances when you don't know the people involved.