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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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26-12 First Capodecina appears
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 2.5
Involved families: Esperanza
Gurkan, a capo in Esperanza, becomes the first Capodecina of 2.5.

There is however at least 1 bug in the promosystem to Godfather & Capodecina, causing a user who has already over the necessary amount of capomoney not to promote.

Addition : A few days after this entry, admins fixed the bugs surrounding Capodecina's, and announced it in a newspost
Denwatts Posted on: 30-12-2006 11:53:19

You will have all no doubt noticed that alot of Godfathers were demoted. Further infestations into the code resulted in this and the position is that now those that have the stats to be a GF are, and those that don�t need to do more stuff.

Apologies to the family members that will no doubt get a whipping so that their dons can have their status earned for them by their family, but I am sure that you will all be individually rewarded by the don in question for your efforts.

Capodecima requires -

User is a capo
His/her regime has earned an amount more than 5million but less than 10million for them [around 7.2M]
The user has the minimum rank of 0% Bruglione.

Godfather requires -

User is a don
His/Her regime has earned an amount between 10million and 20 million
[around 14.4M]
The user has the minimum rank of 100% Bruglione

Quite why we persist with the cloak and dagger on the amounts is beyond me, if I had bigger balls I would just tell you the figure. Alas I am a pussy. You will find out soon enough, in the meantime probs or questions if you feel you should have these ranks please feel free to pm me on irc and I will explain or check further. Please do note that time wasters will possibly be killed so don�t come along if you aren�t a capo/don and are just wasting y time.

Oh yeah, and don�t forget that a don is a capo too, so until they have the stats for a GF but they have those for a capodecima, a capodecima is what they will be.

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