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16-12 Lucchese + Nuevitas <-> Preveze + Atwa
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 1,246
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Version: 2.5
Involved families: Atwa, Lucchese, Nuevitas, Preveze
On 13-12 Charismatixx, an Assassin from Preveze, suicides on Hallow, Lucchese's blackjack owner. Lucchese asks for 300M compensationmoney, which is later diminished to 80M and a punto banco. However after 2 days of waiting they still haven't heard any reply from Preveze about it. So they decide to attack together with Nuevitas.

The war begins at 0:00 OT, and by 1:30 OT Preveze is down. Atwa is also taken down at that time. The reason for taking down Atwa lies in their history : Atwa was stuck with 2 spots in a crowded Baltimore and was feeling very vulnerable as a small weak family. So they decided to move to an other city, and stay within Preveze while arranging everything to leave Baltimore. So at the time of the war, nearly all of Atwa are inside Preveze, with just a Chief remaining in the original Atwa family. Because of this, Lucchese has to take them down as well because they are shooting/would shoot back on Lucchese.

The war is over quickly and without much losses for the attackers. In total it cost Lucchese & Nuevitas 1 Chief, 1 LC, 3 Assassins and 1 Swindler. Preveze + Atwa loose 4 Chiefs, 9 LC's, 10 Assassins and 7 Swindlers.
Egidius (Nuevitas top) On the 13th of December a Preveze Assasin [Charismatixx] suicided on the Lucchese BJ owner [Hallow]. Lucchese asked Preveze for a reasonable sum of compensationmoney, which Preveze would have easily been able to pay off (in Lucchese's opinion). After 2 days of waiting and not hearing anything about it Lucchese decided to lift their fists and get their piece of action. Just letting those people know Lucchese ain't nun' to mess with. Lucchese asked the help of Nuevitas, which Nuevitas gave with pleasure.

Eldior (Lucchese) We asked 300M, something around that. They didn't have that much, so later it became 80M + their punto banco. But they kept postponing it, so well we shot them then.

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