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12-11 The battle for the Black Sea
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 1557d 22h 26m 41s ago by Smul
Comments: 268
Views: 15,874
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.51
Involved families: Catania, Trafficante, Vicaria, Blacksea, Lioni, Ottoman, Turkuz, Yigidos, Aequitas, Anadolu, Carnage, Haramiler, Karadeniz , Latigo, Pentagram, Santuario, Vertigo, Vogue
The B&Y (Haramiler, Yigidos, Lioni, Blacksea & Ottoman) alliance is getting shot by the newly formed Catania+ (Vicaria, Catania & Trafficante) alliance

The main targets of Catania+ were Yigidos + Blacksea

Lioni + Ottoman + Turkuz are countering on Catania+

Yigidos went down about 45 minutes into the war. Just before the *drumrolls*:

Ceasefire! - Truce! - Ceasefire! - Truce!

Catania+ & B&Y agreed on a ceasefire.

Story of this war is the following: there were talks among Pentagram+/Anadolu+/Vertigo+/Blacksea+, about plans to close down the version together with these families, while some families of these weren't bloodrelated.

To close down the version they needed to get rid of the powerblock Ilimitada/Trafficante/Catania+, as after teaming up this seemed to be the only force left in the game capable of making some (significant) damage.

According to some anonymous sources and looking at the blood relations between families it was Vertigo who leaked this information to Catania+. Whether it got leaked because Catania were bloods of Vertigo, or to push them towards B&Y and thus get rid of a big threat while sacrificing only one blood, remains a mystery.

Now we can only wait and see what will happen to Vertigo?

It seems we didn't had to wait long. Sanctuario + Catania+ (Vicaria, Catania & Trafficante) + Pentagram+ (Karadeniz + Pentagram) + Turkuz + Ottoman + Lioni + Blacksea + Haramiler are shooting on Vertigo+ (Carnage, Vertigo & Latigo)

Anadolu seems to be shooting at Sanctuario. Though after a couple of shots it became quiet from the Anadolu alliance. Until out of nowhere a massive wave unfolds over Trafficante. Killing most Brugliones within one update from the statistics page. Crippling the Catania+ alliance significantly.

Within 2 minutes 2 families go down. Trafficante collapses under the force of Anadolu's counter and Carnage, the newly made sisfam of Vertigo, also goes down at about 2 AM OT.

During the late morning and early afternoon it seems like Vertigo has conceded to being defeated. As Vertigo lowers the leavemoney to $1 and people steadily leave the family to seek refuge in other families and Latigo decided to kick out all members besides 3 LCs and the GF don. Still there are shots being fired on Haramiler by Vertigo as the last spasm of the alliance.

After a long and hard battle the last 2 important accounts of Vertigo, Yattara and Kujala, fall by the combined effort of Lioni, Blacksea and Haramiler. With Kujala's death the don position is given to Noeasywayout (guess he found AnEasyWayOut :D, pun intended), who was safelisted by Pentagram. Because of this act by Pentagram Noeasywayout showed his loyalty towards them by handing them the spot, with all the benefits of its ranks.
War started on: 20:48:01 12-11-2012 War ended on: 21:50:01 14-11-2012
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