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03-01 Evilium <-> Destruction
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 918
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families: Destruction, Evillium
In a staggering move, Evilium shot Destruction. This is very unexpected, as Destruction was a family closely tied to Fraternity, to keep the bulletfactory in Palermo (which Fraternity gained after shooting SvS on 24-12, it's previous owners). The catch is that Evilium was bloods with Fraternity, and just 1 day after Fraternity is shot away, Evilium attacks and kills their bulletfactory family. Many people were quite certain that Destruction would not live long after the fall of Fraternity, but not many expected their death to come at the hands of Fraternity's old bloods.

Evilium itself says they had no relations with Destruction, they weren't direct bloods or anything, so they figured that it was ok to attack them. The whole war was about spots for Evilium's 2nd family, Trotters. And of course about the bulletfactory, which Evilium however did not claim. They came to an agreement about it with Inceptum (an alliance comprised of 3 families based in Palermo), who are keeping it now.

Not long after this war, Evilium changes their own family name to Iliria.
Cream (Fraternity top) Evillium top apparently didn't know that Fraternity attacked SvS and gained the palermo Bullet Factory.. They don't know it, can you believe it? And they attacked our bf family, one day after the conflict-fraternity war. btw Evillium was our BLOOD :)

Baron (Evilium top) We started our second fam in Palermo. So we shot Destruction for their spots, the bulletfactory was a secondary aim. Afterwards we came to an agreement with Inceptum, who have the bf now. But I think ccce will claim it soon, I guess. Contrary to what Fraternity claims, we didn't attack bloods. Destruction were not our bloods, just the bf fam of Fraternity we guess and that has nothing to do with us. I really find it irritating when people blaim us in a wrong way :s We didnt do an unhonorable attack however much it may seem so from outside :]

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